Custom Link Shortener : Pixelme

Custom Link Shortener : Pixelme


What is on my mind? I want to create a custom link shortener with Pixelme.

After your sign up, you can visit the dashboard and there you will see this:

From those options only "Create New" is interesting now. Let's click on that! It takes you to a page where we have to configure things as follows:

- Custom brand name : This field contains the text which appears before the URL. So it should be equivalent for what we call a domain name in front of an IP address (or instead of 107 .201 .121 .54 / test ). You may use underscores or dashes as well as letters and numbers but no space and symbols like dot, comma etc. - Hashtag : The shortened link will include a "#" before the text in this field.

- Link Text: This is the actual custom short URL. You can add any term or phrase in it. Remember, there should not be space within & between link and text.

- Logo: A logo of your website/company/group which appears before the shortened URL wherever you share that link. Default filetype is .png and you can upload upto 100KB image here (make sure to keep original size less than 50 KB). Remember, if you delete your account from Pixelme dashboard itself , your logo would also get deleted along with everything else! By default, it will use the empty space as area for now (i.e. logo will not appear). - Hide Screenshots: If you tick the checkbox, your "Capture" screenshot from Pixelme dashboard would become hidden and it won't show up on the link preview. - Privacy Policy URL: Your privacy policy should be already available online along with a link to that page. You can provide that here.

- Unregister Domains: Tick this if you don't want those URLs to redirect somewhere else. This is recommended only when those links have been created for viewing something as images/pdfs/documents etc without any specific destination. In case of websites or blog posts, it should point to appropriate pages as per settings mentioned below (e.g.: ).

As of now, we have kept everything as default and clicked on "Create New" button which will take you to a preview of our brand new custom short URL:[email protected]   

From this page onwards, we can easily share that link with anyone and it would redirect them to the website of our choice (which we will configure under part 2). Also , we can see more options by clicking on that button below "Link Text". You can also view all your links from there but that's not an interesting feature right now :)

# [Of course, there is little more detail on each field for better understanding...]

One thing you need to remember from here is that if you want links created with your account to have 2x versions, it should be enabled under "Application Settings" in the Pixelme Dashboard. Or else, the default link which we created above won't be having a 2x version.

That's it for this time! I will show you how to create branded URLs in next post and how to track their performance with Pixelme. Keep in touch :)

# [As usual, always consider this text as something for your reference to read and not necessarily copy verbatim!]

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