CLK.SH #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

CLK.SH #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


So, you have a matchurl website and you want to get more traffic. You're thinking that posting your link on Twitter or Facebook will give you the boost you need. The thing is, neither of those websites provide any real analytics about how long someone stayed there or how many times they actually clicked the link.

Screenshot: ---  URLs like these are too long to remember ( matchurl )

To be completely honest with you; I've tried using matchurl , matchtype and matchdot before which all serve the same purpose. They're easy enough to use but again, it's hard for me to keep track of them especially when I'm working on tons of other things at once (got no time for making spreadsheets). So I went to search for matchurl alternatives since matchtype doesn't have any support. I tried match2share which was alright then I stumbled upon matchurl  which had more features that matchtype .

Screenshot: ---  URLs like these are too long to remember ( urlshortener )

You're probably thinking 'So what's the big deal?'. Well, here it goes... Matchurl is a match type website meaning you can use it on Twitter or Facebook but the best part is CLK which stands for clickable links kit  (see screenshot above). CLK does exactly what matchurl does but with the added benefit of having analytics about clicks and visits. Actually, this beats match2share by far because not only you get matchurl  like analytics but matchdot as well.

Screenshot: ---  URLs like these are too long to remember ( shortener )

You can see the screenshot below which shows you analytics for a link I just clicked on match2share . As you can see, it doesn't give me much detail about where the traffic is coming from and how many clicks each link has. On matchurl , you have this same information for free so there's no need to upgrade your account at all. It's very intuitive and easy to use especially if you're new to match type websites or if you don't want to deal with spreadsheets anymore. Let matchurl worry about your links!

Screenshot: --- Clickable URLs and matchurl  analytics ( matchurl )

If you go to matchurl and click on signup , it'll take you to a form where you can start posting your links immediately. If you're an existing matchtype  or match2share user, all your links will be imported automatically so there's no need for manual setup. You also have the option of authorizing matchurl  to access your Twitter or Facebook accounts which is very convenient if that's how you want to post links.

Screenshot: ---  Existing matchtype and match2share users get their data imported upon signing up ( matchurl )

Now let's talk about CLK . It has options for adding and videos so I'm guessing matchurl  will also be coming up with shortener  and matchdot  shorteners in the future. :) I'm not sure yet but CLK is a matchurl alternative that you have to try out for yourself!

Screenshot: ---  CLK match2share alternative ( matchurl )

To test matchurl , I used match2share so here's how it works. First, you authorize match2share  to access your Facebook account and it'll take a few seconds before everything gets imported so don't worry if it looks like nothing's happening. After that, just click on PUBLISH next to each link as shown below and let match2share do its magic! Now you can see my favorite match2share  analytics screen below.

Screenshot: --- match2share analytics ( match2share )

I hope I've convinced you to try matchurl . It's a match type website that lets you get matchurl , matchdot and matchtype  like analytics for your links which is awesome! You can also post your links on Twitter and Facebook via matchurl  which means no more manually adding the data into spreadsheets or figuring out matchurl  and all that stuff. Just post, sit back and see your traffic grow :)

Have fun using CLK.SH ! ;)

That's it for now but stay tuned because there are tons of other guides just like this one in the making! Thanks for reading :)  -Krishna

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