ClickMeter # matchurl

ClickMeter # matchurl


ClickMeter is a sophisticated piece of software designed primarily for link tracking, though a URL shortener is included under this umbrella.


The program comes with an incredibly diverse range of features through the use of different modules that are featured at different points on the user interface. Some common ClickMeter features include link-tracking across multiple platforms, although this can be expanded to include mobile devices, blogs and more besides.


When users download ClickMeter they are given free access to both the basic package as well as some headline features which come in addition to typical link-tracking statistics such as click-counts, geo-location information and IP addresses. It's important to note that these additional features are not part of standard Clickmeter packages.


One of the program's most attractive features is its use of different tracking platforms. Some are built-in, while others can be integrated with ease by using ClickMeter's API. This allows users to track links across virtually any kind of online activity, including e-mail campaigns which provide their own benefits for entrepreneurs of all kinds. E-mails are incredibly useful at developing business brands since they allow messages to be sent directly into inboxes rather than around them on social networks or forums. Users who create a new campaign in ClickMeter will find that there are plenty of options available when it comes to specificizing these messages, allowing careful tailoring depending on recipients' gender and location specificities among other elements.

Clickmeter's analytics are similar to the tracking feature in that they allow users to monitor an activity's effectiveness. Analytics can be used with links, videos, forms and more besides. At present analytics is not available in the basic package but is accessible via an additional module which can be installed by customers after purchasing this software. The analytics module does require some programming knowledge, though it's nothing too complicated and there are plenty of tutorials available online to guide beginners through the process.


ClickMeter also provides users with a URL shortener that allows them to track shortened links using or Google Analytics code. This code can then be used on any website or blog that features this service from within its own interface, allowing users to gain instant statistics for each click.


ClickMeter also offers a means of creating live statistics for websites and blogs. Webmasters can attach this code to their site and see how many people are clicking through and where they're coming from at any given time, as well as the number of clicks that return users back into their own website or blog. What makes this shortening service particularly attractive is the fact that it's free to use.


Of course, these features represent only a fraction of what ClickMeter has to offer since there are modules available for Facebook Apps and Twitter tracking too. Other services can be integrated with ease so long as they feature an API which allows them to share information across different sources. This means that all relevant data can be shared without having to monitor every element separately, allowing users to set up a comprehensive and accurate tracking system in just a few hours.


ClickMeter Features:

* Link Tracking (Website, E-mails, Newsletters) * Integration * Google Analytics & Clicky Code * Facebook Apps and Twitter tracking* Live Statistics for Websites and Blogs


* ClickMeter Website * Tutorials


URL Shortener --  For tracking shortened links using or Google Analytics code "FREE"

Social Media Integration -- Allows multiple users, plus Facebook Apps and Twitter tracking

Live Tracking for Websites and Blogs -- Shows live statistics on website or blog real-time

Module Installation (Developer Required) -- Installs the module on your server, allowing it to be used within any platform that supports APIs (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

API Documentation (Developer Required)


ClickMeter is primarily designed for link tracking across multiple platforms although a URL shortener is included under this umbrella. Additionally, there are modules available for social media integration, live tracking for websites and blogs, as well as developer documentation available.


ClickMeter is a paid service that costs $0.02 per click or visitor with 3 months billing cycle or $12/year.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. There are no hidden fees.

There are also discounts available for students and non-profit organizations. Clickmeter does not charge any setup fee!

This software is designed to be installed on your server so you'll need someone with web programming knowledge to do this for you since there's nothing to download from the site itself. A one-time payment grants users lifetime access to all updates of this software without having to make additional payments every time a new version is released.

ClickMeter offers a free trial period for users to try out the software and examine its features before purchasing this service. The software can be tried out for 3 days without any kind of limitations, allowing potential customers to get a feel for all aspects of the service before committing to anything permanent.

This tool doesn't offer help or support directly from their website but they have tutorials available online that should provide assistance with installation and use of this program's features if needed.

Furthermore, their FAQ section also has a lot of information about what this product does, how it works and so forth which can provide further clarity if needed. This document covers everything from how much traffic you'll need in order to make the service worthwhile to when your credit applies.

You can contact them by e-mail or phone for any further questions, though they do state that a timely response is not always possible since this service has a large volume of inquiries so try to be as clear and concise as you can about what you require from them.

There's also a support forum available for users of the software so if someone else has had experience with these issues before, they may just have an answer ready which you can take advantage of.

The FAQ section is easy enough to get through although it does feature some repetition which contributes more towards clearing up any potential misunderstandings rather than being annoying from a user perspective.

Overall, Clickmeter provides a good, solid service which is customizable to an extent. It may be difficult for people without experience with web programming languages to use this software since it requires installation but if you can get past this obstacle, there's a lot to like about the features available here.

With clear, concise instructions throughout and abundant tutorials that are easy enough for any user to understand, their website works well as a comprehensive guide for anyone trying to install the API module on their own site or blog. The FAQ section covers everything needed in order to fully utilize all aspects of this program including how much traffic is required before the service becomes worthwhile, if discounts are available for students or non-profit organizations, how long paid accounts remain active and so forth.

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