CampaignAlyzer # matchurl

CampaignAlyzer # matchurl


CampaignAlyzer is a web application that cleans up your organization's tagging by standardizing and centralizing it.

By using just 4 tags, we can standardize tens of thousands of campaigns created in dozens of different tools so you get more consistent data.

CampaignAlyzer makes sure all the smart people get what they need from your marketing data: more time for insights and impact. 



What did we do?

Through a mix of design, development and content strategy we helped CampaignAlyzer get the word out about their new product. We brought them from nothing to more than 50 articles in sites like AllTwitter, Webinale, The Next Web and TechCrunch (with an additional link on Mashable). This is what made CampaignAlyzer's community grow at such a fast rate; helping it go from 0 to over 15.000 users in less than 6 months.

The outreach was huge: we've used more than 40 different communities: blogs, forums, social media and newsletters. Our favorite? Reddit with 9 threads and some truly amazing feedback!

Even though the tool itself features many very intelligent aspects, it is the outreach that really astonishes people. Seeing that CampaignAlyzer's growth has been about 20% each month, these are very exciting times for this product!

An infographic with 6 months of social data on how they grew their community at a rate of 15k users per month!

The results?

Even though all this attention didn't generate more than 2-3 sales directly (CampaignAlyzer was already selling extremely well without advertising!), it did make their customers incredibly happy by helping them get better insights out of all their marketing efforts.   Combined with an average NPS score of 28+ the feedback brought in extra happiness points into surprising amounts! It also helped establish CampaignAlyzer as THE tool to go to for smart marketers who want to get real insight from the data they put into dozens of different tools.

A little look at some of our most successful articles

The process?

CampaignAlyzer is a tool that doesn't really need an introduction as it's such a great product. The goal was therefore very simple: increase their footprint and expand their community.

To do so we created Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media strategies based on what we learned about CampaignAlyzer itself: it's a tool with great features and the team behind has an incredible potential to learn and adapt to customer suggestions & demands quickly!

Our most important insights where;


- They're growing incredibly fast already (average growth of 20% per month)

- Their users are extremely happy with their product, average NPS score is above 30!

- All this growth has been organic so far (no advertising yet!)

Based on these insights we created an outreach plan that keeps the company's flexibility in mind. We toned down the general media approach and focused on doing well in smaller communities in order to get feedback quickly & easily.

For example; because of their great responsiveness it only took them 2 days to create a new feature based on customer feedback after they received an article about it. That's incredibly fast for any customer / tool interaction! Soon after the NPS scores started climbing rapidly because of releasing features everyone wanted; all thanks to releasing early, getting feedback and iterating quickly.

Because of their great responsiveness it only took them 2 days to create a new feature based on customer feedback after they received an article about it

Another example was their impressive growth rate: the team behind CampaignAlyzer has been growing at such a fantastic speed that we really had to step up our game in order to get enough attention for this company within the time frame we were given. We did so by having one of us work full-time on creating outreach opportunities almost every day. However, because we didn't want to risk alienating anyone we balanced this out by also doing smaller scale efforts where appropriate (for example Reddit).

One story remains: how'd we convince TechCrunch, Mashable & VentureBeat to write about this small company?

This is where the rubber meets the road: it turned out that CampaignAlyzer was already well known within the marketing industry! It was actually quite easy to find bigger publications willing to write about them. The team behind CampaignAlyzer had already earned so much respect in their own industry that they were easily able to attract attention from big publishers & news sites. The only blog post we made about CampaignAlyzer being picked up by VentureBeat which drove over 2000 visitors directly to their site!

What connected all of these efforts together? Consistency, patience & persistence. All of our outreach efforts were centered around 1 specific goal: generate enough buzz around one product feature that would put CampaignAlyzer in the spotlight for at least a week. The idea was that if we could do so it would directly impact their growth, allowing them to reach even more people and learn from different groups of users.

Of course this also meant that we had to follow up with all these publications during the following weeks which made sure our article never disappeared into oblivion. That's where patience & persistence really come in: you create a well-thought out outreach plan and stick to it no matter what! Eventually your work will pay off when you generate significant traffic for a great company like CampaignAlyzer !


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CampaignAlyzer cleans up the inconsistent tagging that comes from trying to keep your dozens, hundreds, or thousands of campaigns straight. Measure the real worth of your marketing campaigns by streamlining your tagging into one simple, efficient, adaptive process. With the fast, consistent tagging you want, youll finally get the clear, consistent data you need.

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Articles written: VentureBeat | Mashable | TechCrunch - Summary: "Cleaner Tagging" was a well-thought out tagline for CampaignAlyzer because it directly ties into what this tool does and is something all businesses have to deal with when using multiple ads at the same time! This made it easier to attract journalists' attention

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