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BL.INK [For business owners # matchurl


How can I create a new account?

You can click on the "Get Started" button on the top of the page, or follow this link to go directly to creating your first BL.INK account, which will automatically log you in.

How do I shorten my links?

On your Account Details page (if not logged in, it will take you there after clicking Get Started), scroll down until you see the box that reads "Create Short Link". Enter your long URL into that text field and press enter. You will then be presented with three options: Content Type (Custom if you want to use our Rich URL feature), Name (can be anything), and Custom Redirect. Once those are filled out, press Generate Link to generate the shortened link.

How do I keep track of clicks?

There are two ways to keep track of your links: on individual links and on a campaign level. To follow a specific link, click on that link's entry in the list on your Accounts page. This will take you to an overview page for that particular link. On this page, all actions taken upon it (clicks, shares, etc.) will be displayed along with their metrics. You can also choose to add these events as goals in Google Analytics from here by clicking on "Use this In Analytics". In addition to following a single link, you can view activity of a certain time period via our new reports feature under your account's "Reports" menu item.


What are the different types of URLs?

We offer two types of URLs, Rich and Standard. The difference between the two is that our Rich URLs allow you to specify up to five custom variables within your link, which can be used in various ways by our platform. To use these variables, enter them in the spaces under the "Custom Parameters" section on your Generate Link page. Keep in mind that any variable entered here will override any other variables given during a user's click event (for example, an email parameter set here will overrule an email entered at time of click).

Standard links do not allow for any customization beyond just providing you with shorter links.

How do I share my links?

To share your links outside of our platform, follow the instructions here. To share your links within our system, click on the "Share" button which is to the right of your short link in either your individual link or campaign page. You can then paste this into any other window and it will appear as a shortened BL.INK link.

What analytics do you provide?

The reports feature provides access to various metrics related to clicks and shares, along with top referrers to drive traffic/clicks. Keep in mind that if you are using Google Analytics you must set up goals for it before these will be shown (under Link Settings). Advanced users also have the option of importing their own data (such as Google Analytics) via our API documentation available here .

How do I create a new campaign?

Go to your BL.INK Dashboard by clicking on the "Dashboard" link on the top of the page, or by clicking here if you are already logged in. Once there, click on either "Shorten URLs" or "Create Campaign". If it's the latter, you will then be able to name your campaign and decide whether it should have custom parameters at its disposal through our Rich URL Feature. Once created, your campaigns can be accessed via the dropdown under "MY LINKS" on your Account Details page, or by clicking directly here .

What is my "Account Details" page?

Your Account Details page is where all information about your account can be found. Your users are also able to access this page by clicking on the "Account Details" link in the top right corner of their Dashboard.

Your BL.INK Analytics will be located here (for both individual links and campaigns), along with your settings and reports.

How do I add a new user?

Go to your Account Details page by either clicking on "Account Details" in the top right corner of your dashboard or going here directly. On this page, under the section labeled "Users", you can invite users to join your account by entering their email address into the appropriate text field and then pressing Invite User at the bottom of that box. If you would like them to have certain permissions within your account, check off which ones from the list below you would like them to have.

What is a "Short URL"?

Short URLs are the shortened version of a website's main link. For example, instead of having a link that says , you will have one that looks more like this: . Shortened links show up just as they did before being shortened, but with their metrics and other analytics on the side.

How do I create a new short URL?

To create a new short URL, go to your Account Details page by either clicking on "Account Details" in the top right corner of your dashboard or going here directly. On this page, you will see a section labeled "Shortened URLs". Clicking on the "Create" button here will bring up all of your short URL options.

I would like to access my analytics through Excel, what do I need to do?

If you are an advanced user and are interested in exporting our data into excel, head over to our API documentation page which gives you detailed instructions on how to set this up along with examples. Once there, select either CSV or XML depending on your preference and follow the steps provided. This is also where you can find our hourly rate limit if you have any concerns about exceeding it by using this feature frequently.

How can I track my emails?

You can use one of three different variables ( email ,

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