Bitly # matchurl

Bitly # matchurl


Bitly is a URL shortener tool that allows you to build and protect your brand using powerful short links. It helps you to create a seamless user experience. The software also helps you to perform campaign management and analytics for your website.

Having said that, there are around six main features of the Bitly service:

1) Branding - Gives each URL link an individual name which makes it easier for people to remember the URLs.

2) Security - Prevents unauthorized posting or changing of links attached with Bitly accounts.

3) Link Customization - Allows users to customize their links with titles, descriptions, custom domains and even personal vanity URLs using 301 redirects

4) Analytics - Tracks clicks count on all links including social media, campaigns and webpages.

5) Campaign Management - Offers different tools to create short URLs with custom security of either 5 or 30-day durations for individual links. They can be used to track clicks accurately on multiple destinations.

6) Reporting - Data is provided in the form of easy-to-use statistics on all clicks, URL visits, visitor origins and total growth.

Bitly also allows you to optimize your link management strategy through its integration with six major social media platforms which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Email/Blogger accounts. You can also use Bitly as a website application that will allow you to shorten links automatically from any webpage which you are currently visiting without having to copy/paste the links.

Bitly is also available in 32 languages along with 38 currencies which makes it easier for website owners all around the world to use it effectively on their websites. You can then track your data about specific visitors easily even when they are coming from different parts of the world.

You can also access Bitly's "services" section where you will be able to buy additional services through Bitly Pro which include Twitter marketing, YouTube marketing, Mobile linking and conversion tracking & analytics among others.

There is a free version of Bitly that allows up to 150 shortened links per account every month with basic link statistics but if you want more features like custom branding, reports etc., then there are premium accounts that start at $9/month and their top-end Enterprise accounts which starts at $399/month.

Bitly is a comprehensive and easy to use URL shortening tool that can help you track your links accurately both on and off social media platforms and webpages. It has an impressive user interface and provides fast and accurate reporting of data gathered about specific users through link clicks. Bitly also allows you to customize links for each of your campaigns while it is available in many different languages all over the world.

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