Bitly # matchurl

Bitly # matchurl


Bitly is a link management platform that provides people, brands and businesses with scalable and secure tools to personalize, share and track their content links, while capturing data and insights with every click.


Bitly Enterprise offers an online tool that gives you everything you need to build your brand, attract audiences to your business site, generate leads, create marketing campaigns for things like e-mail marketing through social media marketing. It also helps manage teams effectively by allowing users to set permissions on who can view or use shared URLs so the right people have the access they need. Bitly offers APIs available for Google Apps Scripts as well as Python, PHP and Ruby apps. With enterprise, those APIs allow third parties to integrate with those apps. For example, an accounting department that wants to track expenditures by campaign, or a call center operator who want to know where their leads are coming from.

Bitly Enterprise comes with several add-on features such as Social Badge for developing your company's social media presence and its own URL shortening feature, which is similar to what's offered by the basic version of Bitly but has more analytics capabilities.


Bitly is dynamic: tools and apps allow companies and individuals brand their content and measure results in real time. The platform offers APIs that let users build on top of the basic features it already offers, making it easier to integrate into existing systems. Developers can build their own integrations with Google Apps Scripts (and directly within your website via our Google Analytics Dashboard for Bitly) as well as other 3rd party apps. All of this means that you can use a single platform to manage your content, track performance and measure effectiveness across different applications all from one place.


The features offered by Bitly Enterprise include:

- Increased Brand Visibility, Audience Engagement and Measurement

- Analytics Dashboard let’s users see how their short URLs are performing in real time

- Provides access to multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to post your shortened links directly into the stream of your choice - Customize sharing to drive traffic back to a site or control where it is sent with custom redirect rules - Deliver personalized content via email blasts with Bitly's Email Marketing app - Track success with our Google Analytics Dashboard for Bitly

- ROI Tracking and Reporting

- Integrate tracking pixels into any link to directly measure return on marketing investment

- Team Management & Permissions

- Customize permissions for different users to control who can see, use or create short URLs

- Accommodate multiple brands under one roof by creating teams within your company to manage access to specific groups of users. Securely propagate content across social media platforms while gaining insight into how each link is performing independently. You can also specify which team members are allowed to view other teams’ shared links.

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