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The use of is a valuable tool when it comes to link shortening and sharing a URL in emails, chat messages and wikipedia .

If you want to drop an url into an email that will remain intact from the sending point all the way through delivery - your best bet would be to shorten links with  and then include them in your message.

A great many people have been using bit. do for this purposes over last few years because it has always been good at what it does and its sites are easy to remember and access.

There are other tools out there that can shorten links but they either offer too much or not enough security which makes their utilization difficult. Others simply make a pain for users who want to shorten links for their own websites or blogs.

The best thing about bit. do is that it provides many options when it comes to customization and personalization of the link according to your preferences. What this means is you can select a specific target page where your short URL will point.

If you are using Gmail, Outlook, AOL...etc then there are no issues because by default they will not break any lines in messages but other email systems may pose problems so you need the right tools to help you out with these small yet critical tasks related to emailing and chat conversations .

What makes stand apart from all other similar type of services is its simplicity and speed which comes as a result of its great platform design and architecture. All you have to do is type after a forward slash and a keyword...and there you go .

The other thing that makes it so easy to use is its clean, minimalistic and almost invisible interface which provides zero distractions. You can apply on your browser as an extension or bookmarklet so the next time you need to shorten a link, simply click the button!

One of the important things about using is that it ensures additional security because people will not be able to track where you are going from the shortened url because this process takes place on their servers not yours.

In order words, shortening links with means removing a layer between users and destination URL, making it impossible to track somebodies online activities.

So if you care about your privacy and would like to improve the security of your own links, then is exactly what you need .

A free online tool that lets you shorten & personalize any link; one of the most used url shortening service by SEOs over last few years; is very easy to use and has many customization/personalization options; useful for email marketers (to send links inside messages without "reply-to" or breaking lines); great for bloggers or website owners who want to create short urls that don't break in emails or chat conversations; unlike other similar services, bit. do guarantees additional protection by not allowing people to track your personal actions; tested and works great with Gmail, Outlook, AOL...etc.

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