BioLinks—Instagram and TikTok Bio Links and Shortener  # matchurl

BioLinks—Instagram and TikTok Bio Links and Shortener # matchurl


BioLinks solves two problems in one: it shortens your Instagram and TikTok bio line, and at the same time shortens your URLs! It works for both Android and iOS users.

It's a highly customizable PHP shortener script that comes with a lot of features. Users can create unlimited link pages and shortened links. They can embed YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, or TikTok to their bio link pages. They also have the advantage of two-factor authentication for security. 

## Why use BioLinks?  /p> * If you want to share an Instagram or TikTok profile URL to someone but the long string of numbers is not easy to remember by itself even if it has an associated name, using BioLinks can turn that long string of numbers into a short and memorable link.

## BioLink Features: * Unlimited pages * Customizable page titles * Customizable colors * Shortened URLs (A-Z) only * Mobile optimized  (responsive design) * Minimalist design  * Secure HTTPS connection to your website  * Super easy to set up! Just upload the files to your server, change the few settings, and you're all set!

## Installation instructions: 1. Upload all files to your host's public_html folder. 2. Edit biolinks/configuration.php file with your own "Server Location" info 3. Change any configuration options in biolinks/includes/class-configuration.php 4. Upload biolinks/includes folder to your host's public_html folder 8. Try visiting If it works, you're all set! If not, contact us at [email protected]

Note: Please make sure the server location is correct or it won't work correctly! It can take up to 20 minutes for DNS changes to propagate globally after changing the configuration file. Enjoy using our product and consider leaving us a 5 star review if you like it!

BioLinks ([email protected]) © 2018 - Privacy Policy

*This app uses Google Analytics SDK for gathering anonymous information about used application so we can improve user experience in future versions.

*This app uses YouTube API for embedding videos into bio link pages. By using this app you agree to these terms: and Google Privacy Policy:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at [email protected]! Thank you!

Credit goes to the original owner of this script in source code form, I merely made a few changes and put it in Porto format for easier installation on a web server with cPanel access via SSH shell or whatever else they may use instead of FTP. You can check out the source code here:

If you like this script and would like to make a donation, check my project's page at Paypal or click on the following banner! I have it set up so that if you donate ten bucks, you get your name put into the credits of the script as well as making me happy for helping keep me motivated. I'm not begging for money though, so please don't feel obligated to give anything . Enjoy! -Benjamin P.S. If any webhosts are reading this and want to offer cPanel access with SSH shell access for hosting this onto their servers without charging me an arm and a leg, I will gladly put a link to your company on my website. Contact me at [email protected]! Thanks again for downloading this shortener app! Updates: v1.2 - 1/20/2018 - Fixed a few small bugs that were reported by users v1.3 - 1/25/2018 - Added a graphics page where you can change the color of links and header before uploading to server / making it live / using it as HTML source code *Please note that if you changed the color of links from light blue in css before uploading files to host's public_html folder, those changes will no longer apply as all links will be converted back to their original color (light blue). I am working on fixing this issue for future updates. v1.4 - 1/25/2018 - Added error message if user forgets to change config file before uploading files to their server v1.5 - 2/8/2018 - Added new features that let users automatically upload songs, pictures, and videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vimeo, Twitch, or TikTok into their bio lines without having to go on each platform's website first! Still need help getting it set up? Email us at [email protected]! Thanks again for downloading our bio link shortener app! Benjamin & Daniel [email protected] / / ====== v1.6 - 2019-01-09 - Bug fixes and improved security! Now you don't have to enter a captcha when trying to create a new bio link page or shorten a URL! Just follow the instructions below on how to install BioLinks, and start shortening your URLs today! ============

I built this app for educational purposes so it is 100% legal in accordance with all school policies that I am aware of. If you'd like to use this app on an individual basis outside of school, please contact me at [email protected] first before installing it onto any servers unless they are being used for educational purposes only. Thank you!

Disclaimer: BioLinks is not affiliated with TikTok, Instagram, or any of the social media platforms that it supports to embed into users' bio links. However, BioLinks does support YouTube API which may be subject to Google's Terms of Service Agreement. Please read these terms before using this app if you are planning on embedding videos from YouTube onto your bio link pages. By downloading and installing this app onto servers or individual computers, you agree to all of the above information so please read everything carefully before proceeding immediately to download this app! Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my shortener script! Enjoy! -Benjamin P.S. I be accepting donations soon via PayPal

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