BIT.DO # matchurl

BIT.DO # matchurl


The online URL shortener tool is very easy to use. You can use it by signing up or just by going to its homepage and copying and pasting the long link you would like to have shortened, then clicking create bitly link .

If you sign up for an account, you can also have access to data on how your links are performing and who is using them from where. In addition, you can have your own personal domain that is related to your business. Many URL shorteners have you use their name, which is how they are able to advertise.

The best part about this program is definitely the analytics feature because it allows you view information on who clicked what links when and where click took place in terms of the number of clicks and the average time period between each click. You can also see when people clicked on your shortened link, which geographic location they were in when they did it and how much traffic was driven to your website by them in terms of visits and clickthroughs (how many people clicked through to the full site from the shortened one).

The analytics section is great because you can then use that information to analyze trends and data based on certain demographics; if you want to know what type of person drives traffic or who likes clicking on certain types of links, that's where this function comes into play.

Not only do you get access to these quick statistics whenever you want, but lets you all of your bitly stats from the past in its history section. This is great because when you are looking at link data from previous months or previous years, it's all right there in one place and organized for you.

The other extremely helpful feature of this product is that if you need to create a shortened link quickly, has a bulk link creator which makes it easy to reduce a lot of links into one click. The only difficult part about using this tool is that sometimes the shortened links will not actually work unless they were created directly in their system by clicking "create bitlink," but even then it's only an annoyance rather than anything detrimental to your ability to use their program efficiently like most others like it.

Shortening URLs with Bitly offers analytics tools that other URL shorteners do not. The analytics feature is great for learning how your shortened links are performing and the bulk link creator makes it extremely quick and easy to create a large number of shortened links.

The only negative aspect of this application is that sometimes the shortened links will not actually work unless they were created directly in their system by clicking "create bitlink."

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