Best-Seller: Premium URL Shortener # matchurl

Best-Seller: Premium URL Shortener # matchurl


This URL Shortener Script is built from scratch. It is in high demand - very popular in the market, with lots of great customer reviews.

It comes with a nice set of features that you expect when getting it for your website, so let's get started!

Highly configurable and scalable among numerous social networks to choose from – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Google+ – Pinterest – Reddit This URL shortener script also supports 13 languages, so visitors coming to your site will be able to read instructions in their native language (if available). When they arrive on your page, not only do they see an easy-to-use interface but also very helpful instructions complete with visual aids.

Of course, this URL shortener is SEO-friendly as well as social media friendly, so it will help you to attract more traffic from the search engines and from any other sites that display your links on their pages. It also comes with a built-in link rotator, so you can rotate through a set of URLs and let visitors know which ones are still active. If a visitor tries to share an expired link, it will forward them to one that's still live. This way – they won't have to guess which one they should use!

You also have access to detailed reports of all clicks coming from our system for accurate tracking and statistics alike – including IP addresses, location data (country/region), and browser (desktop or mobile). You can use this data to your advantage and make decisions on how to position the links based on the visitor's location.

The link-tracking system is completely customizable – email notifications, order management tools, affiliate links, and more! So there's really nothing stopping you from making a fortune out of it.

And that's not all this URL Shortener offers: it comes with an amazing set of features for improving usability! It makes it easy to create shortlinks without any special software download required. No technical expertise needed either – just log in, add your new shortened link and share it anywhere you like! There are no limits on the number of URLs you can shorten using this script. It's completely free to use and will remain free forever.

Shorten URLs – Optimize Your Social Sharing – Create Custom URLs

You can create your own custom URLs that includes keywords relevant to your business or brand and forward them to any page you like. This is a great way to avoid having spammy-looking links on your pages, as well as an incredibly useful marketing tool! You'll not only look more professional but also be able to better track the results of your social media campaigns.

The shortener script features simple URL management tools such as editing, deleting, cloning and creating folders for easy organization of all your shortlinks. Whenever you want to add a new link, just click the 'Add' button and get started.

Now that you know what this service has to offer, let's take a closer look at it!

URL Shortener Script - Features

Here are some of the features our URL Shortener script has to offer:

Social-Media Friendly The links you share on social media can bring in loads of traffic for your website. But if they don't come from trusted sources or have no relevant keywords attached to them, these visitors may not convert into buyers after all. And with so many other options out there, they may just leave and forget about you entirely! That's why every professional must use an effective link shortening service – to ensure that their social campaign will generate income for their business. Increase Your Website Traffic With this link shortening script, you can create concise URLs that are easy to share on social media sites. What's more, they will contain relevant keywords so search engines will be able to index them quickly and accurately. This is very important especially if you want your site to rise through the rankings and get noticed by more people online.

Shorten & Track Your Links Reduce Bounce Rate With a link-tracking tool like this one, you'll be able to see which of the links you've shortened are actually getting clicked on by visitors. If optimized correctly – with the right choice of keywords for instance – these clicks could turn into sales or at least pop traffic. You don't have to wait months until enough data gathers either – the report offers up-to-date information.

Create & Share Custom URLs You can create your own custom links that are relevant to your business or brand and forward them anywhere you like – for example, social media sites! This is a great way to avoid having spammy-looking links on your pages. At the same time, it's an incredibly useful marketing tool that you'll love using! It even allows you to track the results of your social media campaigns by offering detailed stats on visitor location and browser types.

Take Control Of Your Links Are they all safe? If you want to prevent people from tampering with your link redirects, choose this URL shortener script today! As owner of it, you have full authority over every short link created through your service. You can delete, edit or even clone any of them whenever you want – to maintain absolute control over the usage policy for all URLs shortened with it!

Add Links With Ease Add new links just as quickly as you shorten them! The process is streamlined so that you'll be able to add a new URL in just two clicks. Forget about filling up long forms or installing third-party software to make it work either – this one comes ready to use out-of-the-box and doesn't need any special configurations before installation.

Deleting And Editing Mobile Ready This script has been designed with mobile users in mind too! Apart from offering full support for tablets and other small devices, it offers an easy way to manage all your short links whenever you're on the go. No more fussing around with complicated interfaces – just type in the link's name and hit 'Edit' or 'Delete'.

Comes With A Free Admin Panel With each purchase of this script, you get lifetime access to its powerful administration tools! You can edit, delete or clone any URLs that have already been created – for convenience when removing spammy ones. It also comes with a premium health check service so you can see how many clicks your site is getting per day and lots of other useful information!

Add Links To Social Media Sites Are your social media campaigns bringing in traffic? Well, if they are then you know how hard it is to keep track of all your shortened URLs across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other services! This shortener script is able to forward links automatically. All you have to do is paste in the URL of your choice after clicking 'Post,' and it will be redirected without any problems.

A Complete Solution This link shortener service works independently of third-party software or scripts. You can integrate it with apps like WordPress, Drupal & Joomla directly via their API's! It also doesn't require complicated configurations – simply upload the files using FTP/SFTP, place them on your server's root directory and you'll receive a custom installer in return – with full instructions over email if needed!

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