23+ Best URL Shorter Sites To Create SEO Bridge

23+ Best URL Shorter Sites To Create SEO Bridge


          So for this post i am going to share some of the best URL shorter Sites, which you can use to create a SEO Bridge and Improve your Ranking.

          I know there are so many url shorterner sites available but the thing is most of them have been hacked already these days . So i think it's really hard to find a trusted site from ALL those available out there.

          In this post, we will cover both paid as well as free short URLs websites where you can shorten any URL and then redirect them to wherever you want

1) TinyURL - The best one in my opinion because they are pretty generous when sharing their service with everyone. do not limit number of times per day and also there is no limit on number of characters.

2) Snurl - Snurl is another popular shortener website, which you can use to shorten long URL and easily redirect it anywhere. They will give you random link as well as custom links to make sure you get the best one for your post . It's completely free to use with no daily limit or character limit!

3) Bitly - Another very popular url shorter site working since 2008. they are good in security , tracking data and monitoring results. There basic service is totally free but if you want to access advanced features like detailed analytics then choose the pro version.

4) LiiNK – This is a multi domain shortener where i can create my custom short URL from any domain name with a keyword of my choice to track it. I can also manage multiple short URLs so that i can track which keywords are performing well for me. There basic plan is free and pro is paid option where you have to pay $9 per month

5) 4rl.us - This url shorter site is very popular among bloggers , website owners because they provide custom links like you can get your link with your keyword, username, any word etc . But one good thing about this service is there will be no third party ads on your shorten URL unless you ask them to add their Ads. The premium version starts at $1 per month

6) GoAnYmous - Shorten Long Url ranging between 10-50 characters will be linkable with URL masking service for $5.99.

7) LongURL -  This is another very simple url shorter site where you have to paste your long URL and click on shorten to get a bitly short URL which can be used as a permanent or temporary link. It's free to use but premium version starts at $4 per month . In this one, i can create 3 shortened URLs daily for my own blog .

8) Xrl.us – This also have the same concept that we talked about above , You can create custom links by adding any keyword into it and track them accordingly . The best thing is they do all the hard work of tracking keywords so that you dont have to do anything. The basic plan is free and pro starts at $10 per month

9) SnipURL - This also let you create custom short URLs with keywords that can be tracked to get detailed analytics . You can get one shortened URL every day for your own blog/website which you can use as long as you want it. Basic account is free but if you want more advanced features in pro version then you have to pay $4.95 per month

10) CloURL -  If you are looking for a url shorter site which provide advanced services like schedulable redirects, tracking, reporting etc then CloURL is the best option out there because they are offering advance services starting from $3 per month

11) Short.cm - This is another popular url shorter website in which you can create your custom short URL with keyword and use it in any way you want.

12) Goo.gl - Google's very own but not officially available for public, I mean you cannot sign up , but if you are lucky enough then You can try to goo.gl shortened link.

13) Bitly Pro - bitly pro version also let's premium users to shorten unlimited number of custom URLs, get access to post-click analytics (paid only), schedules redirects (paid only), track click stats (paid only). For social media promotion they provide bulk metrics like estimated reach, impressions, clicks etc . They also give user referral program where other users who signup via your referral link will help you earn money.

14) Linkbun.ch - This url shorter site is very unique because they provide random links which can be used by anyone without any registration . But the good thing about this service is it has no signup requirement so you can use it anonymously, but one bad thing about this shortener is every link generated through this url shortener will have same destination page so if anyone clicks on your shortened link then he/ she will land to same destination page , you cannot track them individually.

15) Snurl - Snurl lets user create custom urls with keyword and track their performance. The pro version starts at $0.99 per month where you can get 2 free custom urls per month.

16) Ow.ly - Owned by Hootsuite, this url shorter site is very popular because they offer interesting analytics like geo-location which you can use to track geographics details of users who click on your shortened links . it's bit pricey that makes it useless for individual bloggers and website owners , starts at $19 per month

17) Linkbee – This is another custom url shortener where you have to pay $2.99 per month if you want multiple shortened URLs and other features like direct access to link info, detailed stats etc .

18) Urlshrink - If you are looking for simple free service then this is best for you , they do not have advanced features but just one click link shortener.

19) Snipr - Snipr is another simple url shorter website which lets you create one shortened url every day without any restrictions , but as SnipURL they also do some keyword optimization on your long links so that i can rank them better. The pro version starts at $4 per month .

20) Linkbrander – This is a little bit different from others because it allows users to show their own custom branding along with the short link where other websites cannot track those shortened links which makes it hide user identity and gives them more protection from spammy traffic . The only downside of this service is its pricey, starts at $7.99 per month

21) Tinyurl - A popular free url shorter service which also got popular because of it's privacy, You can share links on Facebook, Twitter etc without worrying about privacy . The pro version starts at $2.95 per month

22) Ow.ly - is another brand of bitly but the main difference between both is that you cannot create custom URL with this , all shortened links will be generated using pre-defined rules and patterns . It has more than 50 million users so definitely it's one of best free shortener service out there, but it provides very less freedom to user to customize their own url shortening services based on their needs.

23) Yourls - If you are looking for a self hosted link shorter service then I recommend this one , they provide easy access to admins so you can manage all link shortening activities like logs, stats etc . The free version allows user to create limited number (10) of shortened urls per month I hope this was helpful, please free feel to me know if any other service should be included in the list.


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