Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Cutwin

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Cutwin


CutWin is a new, highest paying URL shortener website.

It certainly gives online users and publishers a chance to earn money from shortening URL links. And sharing their links. They also provide you the list of most popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, YouTube etc.. so that it becomes easy for you to share your links. They are paying highest because they are covering their expenses by playing high ads.

At the end of this post you will find out where to signup and start making money from your links. So let's understand about whom to make money online with URL shortener sites.

So, Let us know more about CutWin through the following paragraphs first.



Who Can Make Money Using Shortener Sites?

Shortener sites like CutWin is an online earning opportunity for everyone. Those who wish to make money from their links on the web, or those just looking to get paid for sharing their shortened links on forums and blogs, all can use such shortening websites. Even social media marketers and advertiser can use such services to promote their products and websites.

And those who wish to make money through ads, they should love CutWin as a heaven for them. Because, you can get your share from high paying ad networks like Propeller Ads, Adversal & Bidvertiser using these shortener sites. Moreover it is very nice that CutWin is giving good rates for every ad impression.

And any blogger who wished to get paid by other publishers, he/she should use it too. Because the signup process of these sites are very straight forward and easy. They also provide you free URL shortener link so that you can refer your friends easily. And if anyone signup using your referral code, you both will get credited extra for free.

In nutshell, CutWin is a heaven for bloggers and publishers who wish to make money from their links. In addition to this, online marketers can get paid by promoting any website or advertiser's product on the web with these shortener sites. And social media marketers can use these shortener sites for their promotions.


Where to Signup and Start Making Money?   

Step 1:  The first step is to visit the official website of CutWin from here . It can be done by clicking below link. Step 2:     Then click on "JOIN HERE" button at the right side under the "HIGH EARNINGS" heading.

Step 3:     Now create your account by filling up the signup form on next page. This is not compulsory but you can get paid extra if you complete it! And don't forget to use an appropriate referral code given below.

      CutWin referral code for bloggers and publishers



This referral code is for bloggers and publishers only. If someone signup using your referral code you will get $0.001 per extra signup. But do not share this referral code with anyone, because it is only for your benefits! Anyhow here is the direct link to join CutWin.

Step 4:     Now after creating your account successfully, you will redirect to the home page of CutWin. And here you can see a link "GOT URL" on the right side which is our main focus of this post. This link lets you start earning money from your shortened URLs or you can shorten new URLs by getting into it.

Step 5:     So go to "GOT URL" link and click on it. There will be a new page, here you can see two section "Shorten URLs" & "Post URLs". Here you need to enter the long URL in the first box and choose your destination URL name under second box. You can also create your own custom third box for this purpose.

Step 6:     Finally click on "SHORTEN URL" button and you will redirect to the page where you can see your link's stats and also an option to promote your shortened URLs by placing it in a web-based advertisement formats given below.

      CutWin advertising options for publishers

         Extend it to 10,000 characters for FREE!

      Let's take an example of CutWin URL shortener link

Suppose the subject is "How to make money on internet"

Here is one of my article that I posted on another website. This page will act as the long URL which should be shortened using any of the CutWin shortening services.

Now you should create your custom link name under second box and enter this long URL in the first box. Then click on "SHORTEN URL" button to get its shortened version after inserting it in your blog, website or Social media profile page.

Finally here is how my shortened URL looks like after inserting it in my blog,

Now I'm going to post this shortened URL on Twitter and you can see how it looks after insertion,

  Now your turn: How do you feel after using CutWin free URL shortening service? Will you recommend it to your friends or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

For a better understanding of CutWin, I have created a detailed video tutorial so don't forget to check it out!

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THANKS A LOT! Happy earnings...

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