Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Clk

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Clk


Clk allows you to create beautiful ad banners that have attractive background images. You can choose from a predefined backgrounds or Upload your own background. Replace the default text with your messages and start promoting for free.



Clk also pays its publishers for publishing Clk links on their websites, blog, wiki pages etc., using widgets provided by them which look similar to below image:




Where, XXXXX is the affiliate link you need to place on your site. The Clk Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn money by placing a link or code onto their website. When a user visits Clk from that link or clicks on Clk links from your websites, blog or other online properties where you have placed these links. Earnings are calculated as Cents Per Click (CPC) basis i.e 1 cent per visitor click without paying any additional cost for traffic and banner impressions resulting from editorial promotions will be credited to publisher’s account within minutes of the activity being approved by Clk staff after reviewing it manually to avoid fraudulent and invalid clicks.


Clk Publisher Terms: Clk reserves the right to review, restrict activity of individual publishers accounts for any reason. Given below are few examples of such reasons:


• Invalid or questionable click throughs from bots, automated traffic generation tools (proxies), popups, incentivized traffic and other similar fraudulent sources;

• Publishers who we find in violation our publisher terms and conditions will be immediately suspended and all their earnings will be forfeited without notice;

• Publishers in violation of our policies may also be subject to legal action including civil and/or criminal prosecution; and

• Publisher account can only contain one active direct affiliate link which should solely differ from one another via URL structure & tracking parameters, as well as the disclaimer text.


In order to become a publishers of Clk, you must have following qualifications/requirements:


• You should be an adult and at least 18 years old;

• Only one account is allowed per person;

• All affiliate links and banners must only be used for lawful purposes which includes but not limited to promoting content that is relevant to your niche;

• Publishers need to maintain detailed records of their traffic sources (origin) and submit complete reports on all clicks with valid information within 7 days from the date the campaign was run;

• Publishers may not send or post spam emails or any other illegal activity such as phishing or spreading computer viruses;


Here are few examples of ad banners designed by Clk:

Clk also offers 10% commission rate to Publishers who advertise on 3rd party websites/blogs/wikis, blogs via widgets. Some useful links that will help you in this regard are given below:


¶1. This article deals with the best URL shortener sites that pays you money to share links online.


¶3. Clk allows publishers to advertise their website on ad banners created by them, which have attractive background images and texts of campaigns designed/created by them, which pay 10% commission rate on 3rd party website ads via widgets provided by them for this purpose only.

¶4. Publishers are advised to keep detailed records of traffic sources (origins) for reporting purposes within 7 days from the date the campaign was run, as per standards set by ClickKlsh - ClickKush Enterprises Private Limited (Clk).

¶5. Publishers are advised not to send or post spam emails, as well as any other illegal activity such as phishing or spreading computer viruses, like above example has mentioned by them on one of their websites.


Here is an example of how publishers can make money through Clk shortener site:

When you visit , it shows the standard advertiser banner interstitial displayed in pop-ups like below image:

On clicking on "Skip This Ad" button leads to following display of shortened links shared by publishers/advertisers via widgets provided by Clk for this purpose only:


If you click on any link during your visit to, it shows the details of click, publisher and advertiser in a manner like below image:

Publishers get paid for every time this link is clicked by visitors on their website. So, if you have a large number of websites/blogs/wikis, blogs under your control which can be shared with others who will visit these links, then one can earn a lot of money from them via Clk.


Clk offers a flexible affiliate program that allows publishers to promote Clk changelly service by sharing shorten link widgets provided by them using standard banners or widgets; or through text links (text-links). Publishers will be rewarded 10% commission rate for all clicks originating from their site. Publishers can apply for ‘paid-link’ position to start receiving higher CPM rates. Clk offers 2 types of CPM rate:

Standard Affiliate Rate (CPC) - $0.0005/click, Publisher will get paid only via standard affiliate account & they do not have any ‘paid-link’ option in their account page at this stage.

Paid Link Rate (CPA or CPR)- When publisher has built good rapport with clk team by driving more traffic through their site to Clk service, then they are eligible to receive Paid link rate. This is the highest paying reward in the industry because it is pure performance based payout in which publishers are rewarded on a 100% per click basis.

Standard Affiliate Rate (CPC) - $0.0002/click, Publisher will get paid only via standard affiliate account & they do not have any ‘paid-link’ option in their account page at this stage.

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