Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Bc

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Bc


The world is changing and people are getting busier these days. Every minute could be worth a million dollars. People simply don't have the time to go through big articles and write-ups which obviously means less content for you to read and enjoy.

To find a solution to this dilemma, we asked our team members to do some research on finding websites that pay you for your shortened links. We're  presenting the results here so that it'll help others who want to jump into making money online as well.

This short article's purpose is not only to inform but also empower anyone who thinks he/she has what it takes in terms of skills, knowledge, tenacity, passion etc., when it comes to making money online . Well the future belongs to the few, that are ready to work hard.

For this article it is not an option to list down all URL shortener websites that pays you but just the best ones in order of preference. We also don't want you to confuse why we didn't mention other popular names like Adfly etc . You can check out their offers and programs for yourself on their respective sites. If there's anything wrong in this article with respect to any details, please let us know so we could edit them immediately with valid proofs available.

The Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: Bc is one of the latest and certainly the one with least withdrawal amount (minimum 10 USD) among all our listings here today. Apart from that they also provide the least creation fee of only 0.001 BTC (Bitcoin) for each short link you create on their site which is rare to find in this kind of business. If you're wondering, why Bitcoin? It's because btc is one of the most trusted and largest cryptocurrencies in the world today with highest value per unit. Their Alexa rank shows they are getting more visits than almost all other sites on our list mentioned here today except . It certainly means there might be a good chance for you to generate some serious money if you can get your account verified by them so that it becomes easier to withdraw your earnings in future.

They have been operating since 2013 and have rewarded users with over 1 million coins totaling 50 million US Dollars.

The best part about this site is that, under their 'Faucet' section they offer you to earn free btc just by solving a Captcha and/or viewing ads for just 5 minutes at a stretch. You can also choose to complete some tasks or watch videos in order to get paid too. If you ever make up your mind of inviting your friends and colleagues on this site and if anyone becomes a member after registering using your link, then we will give you 25% of their earnings as commission. They also offer an affiliate program which allows you to earn 15% referral commission from the lifetime bitcoin earnings of all members whom you refer (once they reach 10$). It means the more people register under your link and use it to shorten links, the more you earn.

They pay every Sunday (GMT 0:00) using Faucethub as their micropayment processor which is one of the largest available in this business so far. You can check out their free bitcoin faucet here . Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch but if you invite your friends and colleagues on this site after reading this article then we will give you 25% of their lifetime earnings as commission from our side for recommending them this great site. Good luck!

Why They Are The Best: Least Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 10 USD , least creation fee: 0.001 BTC, Alexa Rank: 1 million+ , Visits: 1 million+

Their URL:

3. Coinurl: This is another great and easy to use URL shortener website with least minimum withdrawal amount 10 USD, with no specific time frame for payouts unlike Faucethub which pays every Sunday (GMT 0:00). So it's your choice of which one you want to go with between these two sites if they both suit the purpose of your campaign or campaign idea.

Coinurl have been around since 2013 and have rewarded users with 500k coins so far worth 500k+ US Dollars . It is a good platform not just for link shortening but also monetizing too through which you can get paid by referring people on their site as well as via their affiliate program which provides 15% referral commission . You can check out their free faucet here .

"Coinurl is the first service that pays for reaching milestone levels."

They pay via Faucethub too which has been around since 2013 and one of the most trusted payment processors so far. You can withdraw to your credit card or Paypal account as well using Faucethub.   Why They Are The Best: Least Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 10 USD , least creation fee: 0.001 BTC, Alexa Rank: 1 million+ , Visits: 1 million+ Their URL: 4. Linkbucks : Linkbucks is another great site in this list of best url shortener websites that pays. It started back in 2009 and has rewarded users with more than 6 million bucks so far which is worth 6+ million US Dollars at current rate. But what makes this site special is their affiliate program under which they pay 30% commission (highest among all the sites mentioned here) of the total earnings of your referred members for life time. You can get paid via Paypal, Paytm or any other wallet as well using Linkbucks pro version which costs around $20 per month, but if you wish to use their basic free member account then you will need to wait for at least 50 weeks before your first payout (which is less compared to Faucethub and Coinurl sites).

Why They Are The Best: Least Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 10 USD , least creation fee: 0.001 BTC, Alexa Rank: 1 million+ , Visits: 1 million+, Highest affiliate commission among all sites listed here

Their URL:

5. CoinAd : If you are a publisher and want to get paid for displaying ads on your website or a blog then join CoinAd which is a great adserving platform that pays publishers through Paypal, Payza and other e-currency wallets for each member who joins their network of advertisers using your referral link below. They also pay you bonus for referring active miners who mine cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dogecoin etc too just by adding them as your miner friends . Also if you have a mining rig then you can mine Bitcoin with it and get paid daily using their mining monitor/broswer application named as "CoinRNR" which is available for both Windows & Mac. You earn 10% commission on their standard membership plan fees of $60 per year, if you are publisher earning commission from advertisers then it will be 20% instead.

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