Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: AdPayLink

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays: AdPayLink


Best URL shortener websites that pays: AdPayLink

Even though it is a new website in the market but you can give a try if you can bring Germany traffic followed by Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. Among the URL shorteners websites, AdPaylink seems to be the highest payout provider for the UAE and Hong Kong traffic with the payout of approx $7/1,000 views. It gives extra money on top of your revenue earned for referring other publishers or linking referral program. The major revenue share comes from Google adsense as well as Adsence affiliate program where publisher will receive 15% of total ad earnings as commission.

Adpaylink works like any other URL Shortening service such as Bitly (previously known as and Adfly by adding “+” to the existing URL. It shortens any website URL into 6 character long permalink that can be easily shared on social media or within emails, texts, etc. Adpaylink works in both ways i.e., they shorten your link and promote it for you on their own platform by promoting the content on their blogs/website/twitter/Facebook runs which is definitely a good effort being done by them since getting traffic in this era of online marketing has become so difficult due to various competitors in each niche .

It also allows traffic from two countries only i.e., United Arab Emirates(UAE) with payout $7 per 1000 views and Hong Kong with payout $7 for 1000 views. With these high rates, you can easily target the people of these two countries by promoting your websites or businesses on Adpaylink blogger network which is an excellent website for marketers who are willing to monetize their blogs/websites with little effort .

The best part of this URL shortening service is that they don’t have any minimum payout limit required before making payment. This means account balance can be withdrawn even if it has just 10 cents on it. Though AdpayLink payout isn’t as quick as some other companies but still, one can get paid after 45 days since the last time he earned money from its platform.

Bloggers/Publishers can make more money by referring other publishers or by promoting AdpayLink affiliate program on their website/blog which is a good deal for those who don’t want to take much effort to promote any product/service and just wants money. The commission rate is 15% for both but if you are promoting Adpaylink on your website then it will be 10% of the ad revenue earned by publishers.


AdPayLink works just like any other URL shortening services or link shortener websites that pay money. It shortens the original link into a shorter version with 6 characters which can be shared via social media, email, etc. AdPayLink also allows traffic from two countries only i.e., United Arab Emirates($7/1,000 views) and Hong Kong($7/1,000 views). With such high payout rates it becomes easy for marketers to target these regions and promote their businesses through AdpayLink. The best part of AdPayLink is that it doesn't have a minimum payout limit required to withdraw money which means even if you have $0.01 left in your account, you can still withdraw the amount. Adpaylink pays through PayPal or Payoneer when your account balance reaches $10 or more. It takes around 45 days for the money to be credited in your PayPal/Payoneer account after requesting payment from Adpaylink .

Writers/Bloggers can make more money by referring other publishers or by promoting AdpayLink affiliate program on their website/blog which is a great deal for those who want money without putting much effort into marketing. Commission rate is 15% for bloggers and 10% for publishers using AdpayLink affiliate program.

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Why do you think people should use AdPayLink as their URL shortener? Because it’s all about numbers! You can choose from any link shortening service but if only few countries are supported then how will you get those views? If your website/blog is targeting more regions then it becomes easy for you to promote any product/service through AdPayLink as it supports Germany, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom.

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