Best URL Shortener: T2M

Best URL Shortener: T2M


We have reviewed several URL shorteners, however the best one is developed by T2M . It has several advantages over other services.

First off, it comes with a 100% free plan that includes up to 20 redirects, unlimited forwarding and statistics covering 5 months.

You can choose between four plans, including Basic at $8 per month which ups the limits on URLs to 1,000 for forwarders etc., 30 days of history being available online and statistics being updated once a week.

The pay-per-month Standard plan costs $10 and increases limits to 50 URLs for redirection. You will be able to monitor your account within three business days after subscribing online and get access to an analytics dashboard with complete conversion reports.


Premium plan comes at $25 per month, doubles all limits imposed on Standard package and includes dedicated account manager.

Top-tier service costs $90 per month, provides up to 5,000 URLs for redirection with weekly statistics updates. Customers will also have access to their data within 2 hours after subscribing online and receive personal consultation from our experts.

URL shortener T2M is compatible with Bitly ,, Rebrandly , Google Analytics . It offers fast redirects with 100% tracking capabilities and supports URL masking while preserving performance of your website.

View an in-depth review of T2M services here .

The BEST URL shortening service is provided by T2M because it includes free plans that are limited but still very helpful for small businesses, has relevant paid plans that are fairly priced and provides enterprise level service for an additional fee.

The BEST URL shortening service is provided by T2M because it includes free plans that are limited but still very helpful for small businesses, has relevant paid plans that are fairly priced and provides enterprise level service for an additional fee.

Secondly, the BEST URL shortener also offers excellent customer support based in New York City . You can ask questions via email or live chat to get in touch with them within few hours.  If you need more convincing to choose T2M , keep reading!

What makes BEST URL Shortener - T2M special?

T2M respects user privacy when collecting statistical data. It does not use any third-party tools to track user activity or gather information on individual users. Currently, BEST URL is one of the few services that offer free plans which are truly free rather than having limitations (such as lower limits for redirection). BEST URL also uses HTTPS link encryption for all BEST URLs created with T2M service.

Lastly, BEST URL Shortener - T2M is most likely the ONLY shortener with a support team based in United States . They will provide you with answers within 24 hours (usually much less) and they speak English fluently. You can ask them anything about your account or revert back to previous requests if needed. From our experience it's incredibly convenient when talking with a support staff that speaks your own language.

All BEST URL shorteners have advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, however BEST URL Shortener - T2M will provide you with the BEST insights into what is going on behind the scenes. You can easily monitor BEST URLs created under your account and get a real-time snapshot of where BEST URLs are being used around Internet. Furthermore, BEST URLs created by T2M support "tracking links", which means that BEST URLs track how many users were redirected to a specific web page via BEST URL you've shared. If you add "+" sign to any BEST URL then it will be transformed into a link that offers deeper analysis on users' behavior. In fact, T2M provides better statistics covering 30 days instead of usual 15 days.

You can also use BEST URL to generate links with masking support , allowing to preserve original website structure while hiding BEST URLs behind shorteners. This feature is especially useful when sharing BEST URLs via social media accounts or email addresses which do not allow long URLs. BEST URL will automatically shorten BEST URLs after exceeding character limit for your medium of choice. Furthermore, each BEST URL created under your account comes with custom branding options based on T2M domain name . BEST URLS will be generated in .T2M format so there won't be any issues when redirecting them within T2M dashboard.

If you need proxies, BEST URL Shortener - T2M offers Free Proxies ($0 per month), Standard ($10 per month) and Enterprise ($90 per month) plans. BEST URL Free Proxies are limited to 100 HTTP requests daily while Standard proxies offer 10,000 HTTP requests daily. Best part about BEST Proxy Service - T2M is that you can choose your own proxy location (currently BEST supports over 120 countries).

BEST URL Shortener - T2M shortens links by using highly developed compression algorithm which can shorten LONG links in matter of seconds! What's great about BEST URL service is that it offers HTTPS support, making BEST URLs completely compatible with SSL/TLS sites. BEST also automatically detects when browser user opens BEST-shortened link in new tab or window, so if user decides to open BEST-shortened link in new

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