Best URL shortener for sending different visitors different links

Best URL shortener for sending different visitors different links


Most URL shorteners will happily tell you where people are clicking on your links and what devices they're using, but goes one better: it enables you to target visitors in different locations or using different devices and send them to a different link. This is useful if you want to make sure iOS users and Android users see the right app download link, or that your American and Canadian customers see the right kind of dollars.'s split testing capabilities even allow you to compare two versions of a post at once without changing any links by creating multiple campaigns from a single campaign page. Here's how it works: Login with Facebook Connect (or create a new account) either in mobile or desktop view At the top of your homepage, choose the split testing campaign you want to continue

The screen will update with a new line chart that shows how many visitors went where during your test Your two different links are shown under each version of the post At the bottom of the page, there is a big blue button you can press to create your second campaign

This positive impact on visitor behavior may make especially well suited for ecommerce sites or apps who need to optimize their conversion rates, but it also provides useful insight into how much time people are spending on your site, what page they're reading when they leave, and which devices are most popular.

You may consider making an introductory video explaining best practices for url shortening or something about this tool in particular. This would be good for understanding your context a little bit. i.e., "Makes sure iOS users and Android users see the right app download link" or "can compare two versions of a post at once without changing any links."

A cost effective, quick service can be used as a benefit to using as well as explain why someone should use it over another tool...without having to try their tool first! For example: There is no account activation required, so you can login and split test in minutes

You may consider putting this information into bullets near the top too: No account activation required Split testing available (see above) Free accounts have access to 100 posts / month Analytics available Visit their website and sign up today:

In the future, you can use as a customer success story. For example: In 2 weeks of split testing, Linking Magnet increased conversions by 5% after changing their link from to By using's URL shortener, we were able to target iOS users and Android users more effectively using the same link! Visit their website and sign up today:

Best practices for url shortening or something about this tool in particular? I hope this helps! Best luck with your article! Reply Delete

I think checking out what other people are doing on social media is always a good idea before publishing your first blog post - it can also help you identify competitors and influencers. A great way to do this is by setting up Google alerts for your chosen keywords: Reply Delete

Thank you so much! Had a long time since I wrote my first blog post, and this definitely got me back on track with the basic steps of creating one. I've read through some articles found through your website as well that helped me understand some key concepts better as well. Reply Delete

Hey there - good to see another person around here :-) The service looks like it's still in beta (there's email signup but no link to join), but it's an interesting idea. If you're looking at ways to improve your reach on social, I also recommend checking out Reply Delete

Thank you for sharing this! Will try it once my free 100 posts are finished :) Reply Delete

I think creating a poll right after publishing is definitely something everyone should do after their first blog post! It may be counterintuitive, but asking questions not only encourages conversation with other people in your niche, but it can help you identify common topics or problems that need solving because people will vote for them so they get more exposure (and votes). Here's an example - just search "Google" and see what happens: Reply Delete

Thanks for the idea! I have a busy afternoon planned, but looking forward to trying this out later tonight. I'm having fun learning all the tips and tricks on here :) Reply Delete

Great information! I love split testing and am thinking about signing up for a free account now...I might as well make use of those 100 posts. When you said "or something about this tool in particular" above - do you mean like go into detail about what makes it unique? Just curious :-) Reply Delete

The only reason why i would recommend over bitly is that their links look nicer at first glance; moreover, they allow 500 per month (and less with beta version).

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