Best URL shortener for sending different visitors different links

Best URL shortener for sending different visitors different links


Many URL shorteners will happily tell you where people are clicking on your links and what devices they're using, but goes one better: it enables you to target visitors in different locations or using different devices and send them to a different link.

This is useful if you want to make sure iOS users and Android users see the right app, or German users access the German version of your site, for example. offers a full-featured service and the ability to create and manage custom link profiles (i.e., different targeting options) right in your browser for free. You can then share these profiles with your business partners and colleagues via email, or grab their URLs and add them to your campaigns.

What makes even more useful is the option to create custom redirects for specific profiles, which means you can make sure mobile users land on a different page than desktop users, with or without cookies enabled . Plus, with's Dynamic Links feature , mobile users will be directed to purchase a specific item, download a file, watch a video or even solve a CAPTCHA without needing to navigate to the relevant app store or website. offers detailed access logs that show exactly where your visitors are coming from and the devices they're using, which is perfect for picking up on any emerging trends in market share.

All of your links, custom redirects and logs are displayed in a simple management console that is easy to understand. also supports Bitly-powered link customization, Custom Campaign Tracking (i.e., creating UTM tags) and social media integration via the Hootsuite add-on. is free for up to 1,000 links per month and $19 for up to 20,000 links. Paid accounts receive access to more advanced features such as custom redirects and unlimited link tracking. also has a Chrome extension that enables users to quickly shorten any URL using just their browser.

Recommendation: Use for targeting different devices and visitors in different locations (and sending them to different links). offers more comprehensive targeting features than most URL shorteners, but if your needs are simple and you don't want to spend any money on targeting features, Bitly is more than sufficient.

Recommendation: Use for linking directly to content (e.g., no redirects) and tracking link performance.

For users who are looking for a simple URL shortener that offers link analytics to help track the success of their campaigns, Google's is an excellent choice. You can even use it to create QR codes .

Recommendation: Use if you want a free and easy way to generate QR codes.

If you're not a fan of Google's services, you'll be happy to discover that Bitly offers a range of enterprise-level features at very reasonable prices. You can use it to generate QR codes and track the success rates of your campaigns by integrating with over 50 different marketing platforms .

Recommendation: Use if you want a URL shortener for paid professional campaigns.

If you're a fan of Issuu , you'll love Issuu's PDF and HTML5 publishing platform, which enables anyone to create beautiful magazines, catalogs, newspapers and more without the need for any specialist knowledge. If you do have some experience as a designer or developer, however, Issuu is even better as it gives you total freedom to create custom layouts using its HTML5 drag-and-drop player.

Issuu doesn't offer a URL shortening service, but you can use's simple bookmarklet or Bitly's analytics features to keep track of the traffic you generate through Issuu campaigns without needing to log in to your account.

Recommendation: Use for publishing magazines, catalogs and more.

Izenda is a self-service reporting platform that provides businesses with the power to collect data from disparate sources, analyze it using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and then present their findings in highly visual formats such as charts, tables, interactive maps and simple dashboards. It also offers a powerful API that is easy to use and lets you import data from any source, as well as customizable widgets for presenting it in social media.

Izenda doesn't offer a URL shortening service, but if you're looking for a way of keeping track of the traffic you generate through Issuu campaigns without having to log into your account, Bitly's analytics features are simple to use and offer a range of useful insights.

Recommendation: Use if you want an easy way to present data in visual formats.

LinkWithin is a content recommendation network that provides WordPress users with easy ways to link together blog posts, automatically generate related stories and recommend content across the web. LinkWithin's WordPress widget enables users to display related content at the bottom of blog posts and on their blogs' home pages. LinkWithin also offers a Chrome extension that enables you to quickly suggest related stories from any webpage using just your browser.

LinkWithin doesn't offer a URL shortening service, but if you're looking for an easy way of tracking the traffic you generate through Issuu campaigns without having to log into your account, Bitly's simple bookmarklet is an excellent choice.

Recommendation: Use if you want a WordPress plugin for automatically generating related stories.

Conclusion If your URL shortening needs are simple and your budget is limited, Google's provides useful analytics at no cost. If you're looking for a more fully-featured and affordable option, however, Bitly offers more advanced features at lower prices. Other excellent choices include Issuu if you want to publish magazines and catalogs on the web and Izenda if you're building business dashboards. For each of these services, offers simple, quick and free shortening, while Bitly provides a range of advanced features.

If you're looking for a more powerful service, however, offers a unique ability to send visitors to different URLs based on their location or device type, which is incredibly useful if you want to keep track of your traffic in detail. For this reason, we recommend this service for paid professional campaigns.

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