Best URL shortener for quick, anonymous use #

Best URL shortener for quick, anonymous use #


Are you looking for a free URL shortener? TinyURL is an excellent choice.  It reduces long URLs into very short ones that are easier to send via text message or emails. All links created with TinyURL are gone after 24 hours, so it's perfect for sharing temporary information like event details, website updates, etc.

If your favorite URL shortener is not listed below (or if you know of another good one), tell me about it in the comments. I check all comments for new suggestions and update the list as necessary!

1. Bitly is my go-to link reducing service, because they offer many different tools that integrate nicely with Twitter and Facebook accounts. For example, when you sign up, you can connect your Facebook account so you can post clickable "bitly" links to your Timeline. With Bitly, you can create shortened URLs for free that never expire. You only have the option of customizing the link with up to 6 characters in either direction.  You can set a default username which makes it easy to remember your bitly links.

2. Pro URL Shortener is another good option for creating quick, disposable links.   It even offers custom URLs if you sign up for their premium service.  Just paste in your long url into the box, then select whether or not you want http:// at the beginning of the short link and .com at the end. Then click shorten url! The best feature of this website is that you can leave it up to 3 days before the link is expired.

3. TinyURL is the OG when it comes to short links (launched in 2002), and it's still one of my favorites because all links are gone after 24 hours.  You also have the option of customizing your tinyurl with up to 6 characters in either direction if you sign up for an account, but otherwise, this url shortener service doesn't require any registration or personal information. Additionally, there's no limit on how many tinyurls you can create every day, so this may be a good choice if you're looking for somewhere to host multiple temporary links.

  4. Rebrandly offers 15 different domain endings like .guru, .club, and .us to choose from when creating a short link. The personal plan offers 10 shortened links for free per day while the pro plan gives you 100 per day.

The best part of this URL shortener site is that you can monitor all clicks, so if someone copies your link and posts it somewhere else (like on their blog), you'll get data about where they posted the link even if the viewer doesn't show up in your dashboard.   You can also customize your own domain with Rebrandly!

5. Bitly also has a good looking Android app and an iOS app which makes it easy to shorten and share temporary links on the go.  I like using Bitly to create Facebook updates because it shows how many clicks you've had on that link with a badge number, so it's easy to see if your message resonated with the intended audience.

6. Linkr is my best choice for creating short links on Android because the app allows you to create secure links that expire after 5 days.  This can be helpful when I want to share information but don't need it lingering around forever.  All of the shortened links are private by default, which means they won't show up in search engine results, and people who click on them will be automatically logged out unless they're authorized users.

Linkr app for Android - Image credit: Digiarty Software, Inc.

  7 . Goo .gl goes along nicely with Google products because you can create a custom URL that ends with . For example, if you create a link using the username "yourusername" on, the link is yourusername .

8. Some of these services offer more than just short links  and creating permanent shortened URLs isn't their main focus either . Bitly lets you monitor how people are engaging with your brand on social media by keeping track of all clicks and conversions (i t even has an integration for Pinterest ). Using Linkr's Android app? You can keep track of where your phone's battery goes every day to see if there are any patterns in what drains it quickly , or check out this fun visualization that shows where people are most likely to unlock their phones .

A couple of the services mentioned aren't even dedicated URL shorteners - they have a lot more features to offer. So why did I include them?  Since there are quite a few options for folks who want to create quick, disposable links that won't be seen by anyone but you , I included all of the tools I thought were worth mentioning. Phew! That was one long list. If you think there should be another service on here or if you've had an experience with any of these sites, please let me know in the comments below! Enjoy your shortened (or not), anonymous links!

Articles' vs. posts' reference list style:


1. Link title.   Author of the article   website's name, your blog/website's URL, date published.

2. Paragraph of text with link embedded inside it (first sentence is enough).

3. Link title – Autor:  Your Name  – http://YourBlogURL – Datum publikacji Article Title – Author: Author's Name – Website: Websites' or Blogs' name – Publication Date

4. Paragraph of text with link embedded inside it (first sentence is enough).

5. Article Title - Author: Your Name - http://YournameblogUrl- Published Date To embed a link in your paragraph of text without it being clickable, you can use the following code:

6.  This is an unlinked text. Just highlight it and paste in your article to use the formatting. If you're using WordPress, this plugin for Chrome makes it easy.   

7. Retroactive edit here - if you want a linkable version of your paragraph text, highlight only that section and click on the "Link" button above your post toolbar (you may have to switch from "Visual" to "Text" view). ~~In addition to creating temporary links, any or all of these services may be used as a 404 redirect service if you ever need one! ~~

Some more URLs people might find useful:

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