Best URL shortener for creating branded links # matchurl

Best URL shortener for creating branded links # matchurl


Best URL shortener for creating branded links

While Rebrandly is a great URL shortener like all the other apps on our list, its appeal is unique. Rebrandly believes that brands, whether it's a product or a person, get value out of customizing links to content that references them from all over the web. Their free plan offers five custom domains, the most of any app we considered, so you can customize the whole short URL, and not just the last half of it. 

We also liked Rebrandly's mobile apps for iOS and Android because they are fully featured without being overwhelming to work with on a phone or tablet. You can use them as your main go-to app for shortening links or just to quickly edit a short URL. You can also use their browser plugin to shorten links you click on the web, so the next time you see a long URL leading to a page you want to visit, just click it and select Rebrandly from your list of choices. In addition, they offer a full analytics suite for people who want to keep track of the links they shorten.

In our tests, Rebrandly offered fast and reliable service. The only drawback was some slight slowdown in adding descriptions to the links we shortened compared to other providers, but that's a small price to pay for its many excellent features.

Best URL shortener for custom domains

If you're looking to create custom URLs for your brand or team, Rebrandly offers the best service around. Beyond easy-to-use shortening and analytics, they give you full customization of your links, letting you choose letter case, symbols, username (for social profiles), capitalization (for acronyms), and more. You can even set them up so they only work on specific days, or with certain domains.

If you have a larger team, Rebrandly is probably the most affordable service on our list for shortening links at scale. They offer custom pricing plans that include budgets of over 100 thousand links per month. While that might not be much for a huge brand, it will be more than enough for most small teams. And if you're not sure how much to budget and just need a few links at first, they offer free plans that include up to five custom URLs and 100 forwarded links per month.

Best URL shortener with SSL encryption

If security is your primary concern when creating a shortened link, Rebrandly is the best option. With their free plan, they provide SSL encryption to all your links, protecting them from potential man-in-the-middle attacks that could see data about your links being intercepted and collected by bad actors.

It's worth noting that most all of our other options provide some level of protection. Bitly uses 256-bit encryption, Cloudflare has free SSL, and Google will even use it for your custom URLs if you set them up through Search Console. But Rebrandly is the only option that provides protection by default to every link you shorten with their service, not just those using their custom domain or subdomain features.

Best URL shortener with click tracking

If you want to track your clicks, Rebrandly is the best option. While most of our other top picks provide some level of measurement, Rebrandly goes above and beyond by offering detailed analytics for every link you shorten. This includes all the same metrics as Bitly (including referral data) plus several others, like CTR (click through rate) and impressions by time of day.

This helps you optimize your links for the most popular times to tweet them out, or figure out which links are likely to get clicked on more than average. You can also use this information to create an ad campaign based on specific events or days of the week, for example.

Best URL shortener with real-time analytics

If you want the most up to date information about your links, Rebrandly has the best service by far. While all of our other top picks offer daily or weekly analytics reports through their websites, Rebrandly's links provide real-time data straight from Twitter and Facebook.

This means you can track your links as they're clicked on, giving you a better idea of what people are interested in and what's working for you. It also lets you see how many times someone clicks on your link over a period of time, letting you know if it has the potential to go viral or not.

Rebrandly is the only service on our list to offer real-time analytics like this, and it's a great way to get insight into your social media campaigns in the moment.

Best URL shortener for Twitter

If you use Twitter for most or all of your marketing, Rebrandly is a fantastic option. Their free plan gives you access to all their basic features, like custom URLs and analytics tracking. It also lets you shorten unlimited links without having to log in or sign up for new accounts, which can come in handy if you're using various Twitter handles for different campaigns.

They also offer one of the most flexible options on our list when it comes to linking domains. While some services only allow you to link subdomains or top-level domains, Rebrandly lets you link both your own domain and subdomains, which is perfect for brands that want to use their main website as the base of all their shortened links.

Best URL shortener with live chat support

If you need help with your links at any time during the day, Rebrandly's support team is here for you. They offer 24/7 live chat support on their website, letting you instantly message them about your account or any other questions you may have.

This can be a huge relief if you're planning to use shortened links as part of your marketing strategy and need someone to help troubleshoot right away. It can also be helpful if you're using Rebrandly for other reasons, like keeping track of links from your personal accounts or wish to check up on how certain social media campaigns are doing with real-time data.

Best URL shortener for marketing managers

If you want dedicated account managers to help run your campaign, Rebrandly is another great option. Their basic plan includes unlimited public and private links, plus all the same analytics reports you get with their free service.

It also comes with a customizable dashboard for your account, which lets you keep track of what links are being clicked on or retweeted most often, right from the main page. Plus, you can add

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