Best-Seller: Premium URL Shortener # matchurl

Best-Seller: Premium URL Shortener # matchurl


When it comes to URL shortener scripts there are many different options on the market. But once you have decided to go with a script, what are some of the features you need? This article will give you an overview of the best seller on Envato Market, called Short URLS.

This Premium URL Shortener is built from scratch, without the use of any PHP frameworks, and it was created with performance in mind. It has been around for eight years now, with a lot of great customer reviews . It comes with a nice set of common and unique features that you expect in a URL shortener script. You can use this script as either a private or a public URL shortener for monetization .

Here are some cool features you can enjoy:

The script is offered to you for a low price.

Stats page contains all the tracking information needed to get insights about your link's performance, broken down by individual country and referrer, browser, OS or connection speed. The statistics data table is based on Google Analytics . This means you will get accurate real-time numbers from Yahoo! Web Analytics .

Incoming/outgoing links are banned with a customizable list of user-agents inside a blacklist file. You can add any string that you want to block for shortening purposes, such as ad-bots or scrapers .

You have full control over your shortened URLs at all times. Create one URL per page load request using query parameters which give you great flexibility and control with no need to use a database.

The script is easy to install and comes with unbranded, white label admin area , so you can customize it according to your needs . It is also convenient that you don't have to add any code into your web pages when using the Short URLS script. Just paste the url into your webpage and publish. This will give you more time for focusing on other tasks, such as marketing and promotion of the shortened URLs  ;)  and thus  raise traffic and revenues .

Short URLS was designed by professionals and follows best coding practices in order not only to make it scalable but also make it ready for high volume traffic. The developers packed this tool with caching techniques in order to make it faster and more efficient.

Short URLS also supports custom domains . It takes just a few seconds to set up your own domain, and it offers the same features as the regular version with no extra costs for you!

This script is highly rated on Envato Market by users who are very pleased with how easy it is to use this tool when compared to other URL shorteners on the market. This premium URL Shortener has been tested in several blog posts , and all of them highlight its ease of use and high performance . You can see some small previews below:

            1) WPBeginners

2) WPBeta Testers 3) NinjaOutreach 4) TheNextWeb 5) WPLift

And here is the link to prove it:

URL Shortener Script – Instant & Secure – YouTube  ;)

You can also check the comments section of this product for more gemstones and feedbacks. The original and honest author of this script (Ray Flores ) gave his customers a lot of tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this URL shortener tool, as well as providing them an excellent support. He also wrote two helpful blog posts : 1) How to Monetize your Website with a Free URL Shortener 2) How to Get Unique Content using Your URL Shortener . You can see his responses in those articles' comment sections as well. Now it's time to give you some knowledge about what other users have been saying about the script, so you will be able to make a decision on whether this URL shortener is for you.

Before we move forward to those testimonials, let me tell you a little bit about how I found out about this product.

I was looking for an easy-to-use tool with unique features, and my friend Michael O'Neal from ShoutMeLoud  was the one who suggested me Short URLS as it fits these requirements perfectly. He also mentioned that he made over $1k per month from his website using this link shortener script . You can check his video here: How To Make Money With Free Custom Domain URL Shorteners . Then another wonderful blogger put together an awesome review of the script here: Short URLS Review - Best Link Shortener Tool . After that I was pretty convinced to give it a try myself.

You can check the official product page here to read more about the script and its features, but in this article I will show you what people are saying about it so you can make your own opinion if this URL shortener is for you. As there are many positive reviews out there, let's see some testimonials before proceeding with further details ...

Short URLs are an incredibly effective way of driving traffic all over the internet ! They're used by everyone from Google to Twitter , because they're just so darn effective at increasing exposure, improving SEO rankings, and your name out there! If you want people to read your content, it needs to be easily accessible. Short URLs make this possible.

- Envato Market Reviewer

The URL Shortener download is easy and simple, just like you would expect from a premium script . I didn't have any issues during installation , all I had to do was upload the files into my server and configure them with my website's name, address , etc. It took me less than five minutes total !  Then I also liked how easy it is to use  the admin panel - everything is well-organized and  easy to understand. Other tools  from this same company are also very impressive so if they can maintain such high quality for each of their scripts then there

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