Best Link Shortener:

Best Link Shortener:


During the past two days I tested out several link shortening services. The main goal was to find a service where people can earn money (I'm currently not interested in using paid-to-click services, since it's against my personal rules).

After testing all of them, is clearly the best choice if you want to make money with your links. I've stumbled upon this service yesterday while testing other link shorteners and found that they pay their users for sharing links on their popular social media sites. Not only are the commissions high at 0.30$ per click, but also you can get 30% commission for referring people! This means that each time someone uses your referral URL when registering an account, you'll be awarded 0.09$ (3% from 0.30$). Since this is a good money maker, I decided to write down all features of this website and share my experience with you guys!

You can get paid for every click on your links and referral clicks.

Referral bonus: 3% from the click value (if someone registers through your link and receives the confirmation email)

Minimum payout: $0.50 via Paypal or Bitcoin

Their support seems to be very fast and reliable and they also offer an affiliate program where you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter or Google+, to receive 50% commission from each user that signs up using your referral link. However, it's not possible to create links manually since they have their own generator.

About the link shortener:

The shortened links look professional and are made using, tinyurl or Google URL shortening services (to make sure that your link will always work). The service itself is hosted on Amazon Web Services. All of this makes me believe can be very reliable over time. I've tested many similar websites in the past where I had problems with my earnings disappearing without any reason, but after reading their T&C, it seems like they solved these kind of issues by not paying for unverified accounts, so you need to verify your email before getting paid - something which also adds credibility to them.

There's also one more thing I want to mention about this website - although the minimum payout is set to 0.50$, you can cash out your earnings after earning at least 0.01$ in your account! Something that every website should offer, I think...

Summary / TL;DR:         

Best link shortener if you want to make money sharing links on popular social media sites.

For anyone who wants to get paid for clicking on ads. Another good way of getting Bitcoin fast - although it takes some time before reaching this amount. For anyone who wants to earn money by referring people with their referral program (3% from each click) or investing into Bitcoin mining contracts, which also give a 3% return daily without any limits! If you have links related to Bitcoin already shared somewhere else, you can use this website to shorten them and make 30% of each click on your shortened links!

I liked this website so much, that I signed up with my Facebook account. Try it out now  and let me know what you think about their services in the comment section below! Have fun making money :) Peace !!!

SIDE NOTE: I do not recommend using paid-to-click websites. They used to be good back when Bitcoin wasn't worth anything, but these days they're just making you waste your time for pennies after taking long surveys or doing offers. The only exception is BitcoinGet or EarnBTX , which are free to use - they'll send you some occasional messages asking you to visit certain websites/videos, but you won't be charged for clicking on them.

If you're interested in free Bitcoin earning methods , then read my guide " 100 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins " by the end of this year (2017). I update it frequently with new ways that are similar or much better than the ones already listed. So far, the best method is watching short videos for between 0.02 and 5 Satoshis via Moon Bitcoin . You can cash out your earnings once reaching 500k satoshis (which takes much less time than other faucets) without doing anything else after registering . If you're already registered with Moon Bitcoin, then try Bit Fun  and earn even more! Other good websites where you can watch ads and get paid with free Bitcoins are Bonus Bitcoin , Bit Visitor and Free Cloud Mining . Currently, there's also a promotion where you can get up to 500k satoshis in Bonus Bitcoin when you sign up with your Facebook or Google account. That being said, I listed the best earning methods in this article . It shows how much money each method is making per day based on my tests - it might help you choose the right one(s) for you :)

Also read: "How to Make Money Fast (and Easy)"  by doitvoluntarily blogspot (March 2017). It has some good information on various ways of making quick money that don't require starting your own business! If anything is unclear, let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me an email :)

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Other good places for Bitcoin enthusiasts/investors: Bitcoin Stack Exchange  (for technical questions); Bitcoin Magazine  (because they're not owned by a big company with ulterior motives) or Reddit 's r/bitcoin  (to meet lots of people from all over the world who are also interested Bitcoin).

Thank you!

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