Best Link Shortener Tool # matchurl

Best Link Shortener Tool # matchurl

14.Oct.2021, a free tool we've found to be really reliable and effective, gives you the best short links for social media - and it's free.


The list of supported services include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, email (Gmail), Buffer (for scheduling), Pocket (for saving articles) and more! You can also customise your shortened links with URL parameters if necessary. Additionally provides detailed analytics on the traffic coming from the links you shorten which is always handy when creating link titles or deciding what time to schedule your posts so they get maximum exposure on each service at different times of day on each service.

Here are some great ways you can use this tool:

1. Link shorteners for Twitter

Twitter is notorious for its limit of 140 characters per tweet, which can be more than enough if you're cutting down a lengthy article. However, there are some important things that even the most abbreviated tweets should have: a link to the source and maybe some kind words about it. Given how small links are, you'll need to shorten them so your followers don't lose interest before they reach their destination. Using gives you instant access to dozens of customisable URL options without signing up or downloading anything!

2. Link shortening for Facebook

One great way to use is with Facebook links - simply open any public post on Facebook and click the "share" button just below the post. From there, you can open the link's drop-down menu and click instead of Facebook's own link shortener! If you want to use for business or other links on Facebook, though, it has an app designed for this purpose . And since Buffer is one of our favorite apps , we're happy with how useful this integration is already!

3. Link shorteners for Pinterest

Pinterest recently gained new features that allow users to pin images from Twitter feeds or their newsfeeds onto boards, just like they would any other image on Pinterest. However, if you aren't careful with your wording in the tweet itself - which usually contains a compelling description as well as a URL - it could be less than compelling to pin! A good solution is to shorten the tweet's URL with, so it doesn't take up too much space on Pinterest boards or come across as spammy. Then, your links will have a great description alongside them which you can use for greater exposure on Pinterest without compromising your Twitter presence!

4. Link shorteners for LinkedIn

LinkedIn posts are always shorter than posts made to other networks because they're mainly used for sharing professional information or personal updates that pertain to business. However, if you have a long URL that you want to post - say, one that points to an article about how LinkedIn helped someone improve their career even though they were unemployed at first - linking directly will make it difficult for others to read the post in full. You can use for LinkedIn to keep that article share-worthy!

5. Link shorteners for Reddit

If you want to submit an interesting link on Reddit, but don't see it fitting into the character limit, using will be worth your while! The same thing goes for email links - if an email is too long, your readers might lose interest before even clicking through to the site you're linking to. Keep the momentum going with a well-placed link!

6. Link shorteners for Google+

Buffering your Google+ posts with a service like Buffer gets them ready for publishing and scheduling at a later time, but trying to paste a really long URL into your status update will likely send a red flag to Google+. If you're trying to post a link that's more than a certain number of characters, you'll get a warning telling you it isn't allowed. To circumvent this problem, shorten the URL with or use Buffer's Google+ service . You can also check out our list of great apps for improving your Google+ experience!

7. Link shorteners for Instagram

Using is an excellent way to add links in Instagram captions because they take up so much space when linking long URLs! There are many ways to add clickable links in Instagram captions , but and other link shorteners should be at the top of your list since they're already conveniently placed in your Instagram bio (although this won't work on posts with hashtags or emojis).

8. Link shorteners for physical mail

Link shorteners aren't just for electronic communication! If you're using to add clickable links to email marketing materials, congratulations on taking advantage of the latest technology. But if you still want more attention and engagement from your printed marketing collateral, try linking some of the images and design elements on your flyers and business cards! Simply upload a file onto and choose "embed code" - then copy/paste the code onto the flyer or business card where it needs to be linked! You can take this even further by adding Facebook comments to flyers , LinkedIn group discussion boards , and several other ways to make your marketing material interactive.

9. Link shorteners for Twitter

Using is a great idea if you're creating a new Twitter profile and want to add some clickable links without taking up too much space in bios or tweets! Most users don't want their profiles flooded with links, so this solution lets you add just enough information to get the point across while still linking out when necessary . You can also use on tweets that already have long URLs in them - Buffer's tool works well for this too!

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