Best Link Shortener For Bloggers - ThirstyAffiliates Review and Demo

Best Link Shortener For Bloggers - ThirstyAffiliates Review and Demo



Hey what's going on guys it's Dave from


profitable tools where I review and help you


grow your business now what this video is

about is the software that you can use to create those links to earn you money what the whole ah goal of this video is to show you how to use this software but then also teach you how you can go from being one of those people who constantly click here we go on these short links and actually start making money off them so what most people do when they first see these shortened links whether it be when they're clicking through ads or what not they just click on them immediately because like I said it looks like there's something in hiding in there if somebody puts a bunch of random characters there what's going on what is this what are they hiding from us why don't we see what it is what's in the link so what you want to do instead of just clicking right away is actually take some action for example if you're doing this through an ad which I highly suggest that you're not because ads are notoriously click-baity and can be very misleading at times but let's say it's one that you want to read or something like that make sure before you click on it type in the url into a different browser window or even just go about your business and maybe come back later then type it in and see what happens now if it's one where you're supposed to be filling out information generally speaking people aren't going to make what's in the link 6 to 8 characters long they generally want to be longer than that so what you're looking for what you can find out is what kind of information they put into this field what are the words leading up to where it breaks off because what most people do what I like to do especially with these ad clicks is try and figure out what kind of information they're trying to get I was at a point when I first started doing this where if it was anything that had my email address or something else regarding personal information I would immediately just nothing type in random letters just kidding but what I really did was once it broke off click on the url again then go on Google and see if by chance there were any other ads from the same company what was going on in those adverts what kind of information had they been trying to get from me so what I would do especially what if it's one where you know it's an ad for something but what if it looks like there's a little bit of hidden information in the link because what these guys are doing is they're taking whatever keyword that you put into Google and then putting that same thing into the link field so what I look for here is anything that has any chance of being my email address or something else very personal like maybe even your name whether it be first middle last or what have you all right so as soon as you see an online form shortening url just go through this process and see what comes up and when you do what it will tell you what they're trying to get from you a lot of the time what I find is that if it's really just your email address what they'll do is put something in there that looks like this at [email protected] or maybe a variation on how to spell your name may actually be what they're looking for but if you happen to see something that has d ville or whatever after your name then what I've done is eve


n created what we call these htaccess rules which essentially blocks out any urls that include my first and last name because what that does is an ad will pop up and say hey click here to learn more about Dave so what that will do as soon as I click on this

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