Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners 2021:

Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners 2021:


As the world is moving towards digitization, so as businesses. All companies are now on a race to go online and have their own websites for showcasing their products and services.

In past few years, Internet has become a very powerful tool for anyone who wants to start a business. From freelancers to entrepreneurs of all sizes – everyone wants a piece of this cake called "online presence".

The foundation of going online is creating your own website. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram but they will never be able to come close to what a full-fledged website offers you in terms of online presence. However, with more people coming online every year, competition is also increasing exponentially across different markets globally thus making it harder for any business to gain an audience.

In such a cut-throat competition, marketing is the only way out and here marketing is done using different tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) or you can also use direct marketing through ads on your website which we all know as Online Advertisement.

With this rise in competition and less new customers coming online every day – it becomes more and more difficult for businesses to gain the audience they were looking for. Now since prospective customers don't come easily, so as their conversion rates. Thus businesses look at various other ways to get hold of potential prospects who are still not aware of them or those who have never visited their websites before.

One such way of getting huge number of new website visitors is using URL shorteners. Now what are they?

URL shorteners basically take any long or complex URL and use different characters like dashes, dots to create multiple variations for the same link. These shortened links usually redirect users to the original link when clicked upon. For example, if you want to share this article on Facebook then instead of pasting the actual URL i.e you can simply go ahead and shorten it by just adding various numbers at the end of your address bar like in the following image:

As you can see in above screenshot that "Best Internets Service Providers" is the original article's title and "Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners" is what you created with help of a URL shortener.

Most online users are unaware that these shortened links can harm them by infecting their devices or stealing their information without their knowledge. So to help you choose the best among all other different services available in market, we have completed this post after thorough research on various URL shorteners out there.

To complete our research we first went through number of review websites like Cnet, Toptenreviews where they reviewed many such services but most of those were not good enough so as to meet up our expectations. Then we checked some paid reviews sites like Marketing Sherpa where again instead of helping us it actually wasted our time by offering us lowest quality reviews.

Finally we decided to do our own research on different URL shortener services and chose the best ones which serve both purpose of generating leads as well as high payouts (earnings). So without any further ado, let's head towards our list of Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners for marketing in 2021:



Linkbucks, as the name itself suggests it lets you create shortened URLs from any website or blog post and then have them posted on other popular social sharing platforms like Facebook , Twitter etc. As soon as any user visits your shared link they are redirected back to original web page but with a bonus feature of having a short advertisement in between that would probably be enough to convince many users into clicking that ad and possibly going through your ads too leading up higher CTRs (Click-Through-Rate).

When it comes to earning, Linkbucks offers something even better than Adfly as they have many different revenue models from which you can choose one depending on your needs. For example if you need a separate link for promoting an app then go for Download model where you will be paid a fixed amount every time a user downloads that application. Similarly there are other revenue models like offerwall, pay per call, pay per install etc.

Linkbucks is similar to Adfly in terms of pricing model but it also has some unique features worth mentioning here. It provides users with unlimited earning potential through various revenue models and pays up to $2 per 1000 views (PV).

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