Best Free URL Shortener # matchurl

Best Free URL Shortener # matchurl


So, you've had an article published on a website and need to add links within it. However, the links are too long and do not look visually appealing in the article.

Without a free URL shortener tool, how can you create shorter links that will still point to your website?

Well, worry no more; here is a list of 5 top online link shortening tools that you can use for this purpose:

1.  - Get started with this service by registering with them through your email address. The system will then generate special URLs automatically when you post any content online; something like this -> . You can also obtain shortened URLs by clicking on the "Get links" button on the left panel of the site's homepage. Like Twitter, you can also identify friends who are already using this service; you can follow them to get updated when they post new content. This is an effective way to stay updated with what is happening in your industry or for topics of interest that you want to discover more about.

2.  - When comparing it with other link shortening tools, has a user interface similar to . You will need an account while creating shortened URLs on this website; your login information should be combination of letters and numbers, like abc123 . In order achieve highest possible relevance results from Google, add a relevant tag into your shortened links. You can also send your web traffic to other Google apps like YouTube, Analytics, AdSense and many more.

3. TinyURL - It is a very simple link shortening tool of choice for online publishers who want to get direct access to their statistics data. With over 1 million hits per day, this website claims that it takes only 5 seconds or less to create short URLs with them. All new users are required to verify ownership of the blog or website they are posting content from by either typing in the url or uploading an html file that contains information about you/your site . Once verified, you can start posting links without having worries about targeted spam comments on your posts when publishing articles on websites with strict commenting policies. Just remember TinyURL cannot replace your long url, but it will make it shorter for you.

4. Iframely - This service is also known as an intelligent URL shortener since its system can easily spot the content type of a shortened link and transfer the reader to the corresponding site automatically without redirecting them to another landing page after clicking on it. The content types include: news articles, videos, blog posts and tweets . This tool is recommended for journalists who want their readers to get quick access to article sources when sharing links in their articles/posts via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

5. Gturl  - On this website, you don't need any registration or software installation in order to shorten URLs; just paste in your long link in the provided box, select the content type and hit shorten . They also feature an API so you can link up with other tools inside your website for better statistics tracking.

To conclude, always remember that when posting links online, you want to keep things short so people don't have to scroll all over your page trying to find what they need. These free URL shortening services will help make things easier and more convenient for website visitors.


Best Free URL Shortener

5 Top Online Link Shortening Tools You Need to Know About By Giselle @UxSolutions Giselle is a web design enthusiast who has worked on many big websites. She started her career as a content writer and loves sharing ideas about graphic design, blogging, SEO and website development. Moving forward she plans to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur so she can establish her very own web designing company one day.

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