Best For Anyone Who Uses Hootsuite For Their Social Media Campaigns (Free).

Best For Anyone Who Uses Hootsuite For Their Social Media Campaigns (Free).

13.Sep.2021 is a link shortening tool that shortens URLs and tracks the incoming traffic from those links. It also creates tamper-proof custom links to drive traffic. You can also collaborate and give access to multiple team members to shorten links.'s main goal is for marketers, businesses, social media managers, websites, and bloggers to monitor, edit, and share links. It is a web-based tool that means no download or install needed. has been around for quite some time now, but it still offers a promising free package for anyone looking for an alternative to's paid plan. Especially if you use things like Hootsuite for your social media campaigns. is very easy to use, and fast to set up. All you need is an email address or Twitter account to get started! You can also log in using Facebook or LinkedIn if these are more convenient options for you.

Once you create profile (which takes less than a minute by the way), you'll be taken to their homepage. You can start creating your first link, and customize it!

Customizing Your Link:

                          1) The 'Shorten link' button is self-explanatory; but what it really does is this: It takes the URL you want shorted, and breaks it up into smaller parts. Plus if the page you are linking to is especially long, will shorten it even more.

2) The 'Preview' box will show your shortened link so you can be sure everything's okay before posting or tweeting! You can also check how many clicks have been made via your shortened links, and who those clicks have come from.

3) 'Long URL': This box will provide you with the full, original URL so that you can share it if needed (the short version is not always best!)

4) The 'More info' button: This is a really neat option! It provides you with stats like incoming traffic, number of clicks, and percentage of clicks from the link itself.

5) 'Collaborators': In case you're sharing a shortened link with somebody else. They can then click on their name to access that link, or have it emailed to them!

                                 Here's an example of a custom link in action:

As you can see, it has a small logo that helps promote the brand and keep everything organized! When someone clicks on your link, they'll be able to see how much traffic it got when clicking through 'More info.'

                                 For example: In this case, the link received 201 clicks! is known for its whistleblower function, which lets you know exactly how many people have clicked your links - even if they are shortened or tampered with later.

         If you are savvy to social media, then this free tool is definitely worth checking out! It reduces advertising costs and actually provides you with very useful data. Plus, it's easy to use and understand.

If you're looking for a little extra control over your links, however, then you might want to look into alternatives such as or . They offer more in-depth statistics but is still fast and reliable.

                         is easy to use and free! It's perfect for Hootsuite users because it's web-based, has quick setup time, and can be customized easily . Plus you can access your shortened links from anywhere , which is definitely a big bonus. Give it a try!


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