Best all-around URL shortener #matchurl

Best all-around URL shortener #matchurl


Long-time favorite is still the best option for people who want to shorten links and track how they spread. It has a simple interface, cross-platform apps, and customizable stats.

They don't require you to sign up or create an account in order to use their service, but if you do sign up (for free), you can create "sub-accounts" for your team or clients.

Their all-in-one dashboard lets you keep tabs on how many clicks and conversions your links are getting, where they're coming from geographically, what type of content is most popular with your visitors (images, text posts etc), and more.

They offer a suite of tools and services (some free, some paid) for SEO and content marketers to keep track of the overall performance of their campaigns.

One thing we like is how Bitly lets you see two separate stats for each link: one that shows "duplicate" clicks (when someone clicks on your link more than once), and another that shows "unique" clicks (people who clicked on it only once). This helps you weed out any bad links with multiple clicks.

Unlike most other shorteners, Bitly also pulls in information about where people are clicking from, which can be helpful info for seeing what type of content is popular in specific areas.

If you want to learn more about how Bitly works behind the scenes, click this link to check out their blog .

If you're just looking for a tool that can shorten links without all the bells and whistles, check out our article about here .

Bottom line: If you want to shorten your URLs and see comprehensive stats on how they perform, Bitly is the way to go. There are other services out there...but none of them offer the kind of straightforward dashboard with powerful tracking options that Bitly does at such an affordable price.

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