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BC.VC is a mass hyperlink shorter web site that pays you for shortening the hyperlink.   It pays you for 2 classes interstitials CPM (1000) and Top banner CPM. You can receives a commission $3 to $10 for 1000 guests. Rates for Desktop and mobiles are completely different. Payment choices are Payoneer, Bitcoin, Bank account. It's $50 for payoneer and $10 for bitcoin and checking account. You may also make 10% for referrals .




BC.VC Reviews - Is BC.VC a Scam or Legit? | Steemit https://www.matchurl.com/@davidpakman/bccviscamorlegit...ltiple_referral_levels)

A review of the website https://www.matchurl.com/ along with my experience using it and an analysis of my earnings report from this site in order to help you decide if it is a scam, a waste of time, or something worth pursuing for both CPM and BTC ad revenue potential. I'm not affiliated with this site in any way nor am I being paid by them for this post. I'm simply providing an unbiased review of my experience that you may find helpful. I hope you do!

My screenshots:https://www.matchurl.com(report to follow)


Go to site and click on Join now button. It will take you to this page oin-now?j=3zzKTJ1Pc5N44sxm6...heme&link_id=home/. Fill the form and join the program as Pro member ($50). Go back to your dashboard and click on Traffic Exchange Tab, then copy referral link to clipboard or set up a landing page for it where your prospects can paste your referral link to go there. Sell them anything you like or just leave your referral link up by itself. The point is the more people that join under you, the higher your earnings will be. For example, I'm sharing my referral link with 10 people who joined under me and they are all providing me with additional income of $0.30 to $1 per 1000 views on top of my CPM revenue from BC.VC traffic exchange/ads which ranges from $0.20 - $4 per 1000 views depending on keywords, position of ads and time of day which you can see in screenshot #2 below:

You even get a commission for referrals that stay or refer other users ($3)

In order to make the money, there are a few things to understand at the outset:

1. The referral link doesn't work for mobile traffic when you join as Pro member. You have to upgrade monetization in order to do that and I will show you how much it costs in screenshot #5 below which would add an additional $50 per month on top of your current membership fee of $49/mo or $490/yr if paid annually. If you want to make extra income from your referrals who joined under you with a mobile click link, this is what has to happen...

You can also build a landing page for your Mobile Referral Link but keep in mind that they need to put that referral link into their browser before being directed over to BC.VC in order to get credit for the referral. I have not tried this yet so let me know if it works or not below in the comments section. You can also upgrade your membership to Premium Plus which is what I did and that will cost you an additional $10 per month on top of your current Pro member fee which is currently $49/mo or $490/yr if paid annually. That is how much it costs to make money from mobile referrals until BC.VC implements a one-time payment option per sale/lead instead of monthly recurring commission fees as they do today.

2. If you are NOT using BTC, Payoneer or Bank account for payout by default, you are out on 10% of your earnings. If you go to your settings by clicking on the gear icon, then click on Payment information tab and change it to Payoneer or Bank account, each of those will cost $10 additional per month so if you are paying $49/mo for your current plan, switching two payout choices from default BTC only payment method to either BPAY or Payoneer is going to add an additional $19/mo ($19 x12=$228). In my case I was not willing to pay more than necessary so I'm stuck with BTC payout option unless they upgrade their platform in future which they claim will happen within a few months from now!

3. Your earnings are INSTANTLY deposited into your BCVc account balance when you reach the minimum threshold of $500. There is no way to transfer your earnings to Bitcoin wallet if you are using Bitcoin for payout until you reach $500 which seems like a very high threshold at the moment, especially when BTC price keeps rising and now is around $4000! You can see screenshots #3-#5 below:

4. ALL traffic sources contribute roughly the same revenue by default even if some are more effective than others (see screenshot #6 below). If you want one specific source to contribute better then another, that will cost additional monthly fee if not provided as an upgrade otherwise it defaults to evenly distributing 100% of your referral's individual clicks equally among all traffic sources. I'm currently testing this concept so watch my review video #2 to see how it's going.

5. You can upgrade your account from Basic at $49/mo to Pro at $99/mo and if you want a custom design for your site, you would need to pay them additional $399 one-time fee which is currently an introductory offer as they normally charge $599 for this service plus the monthly hosting fees which also varies depending on traffic volume so there are significant costs involved! Note: This customization option doesn't appear to be available now as of 8/20/2017 but I will keep you posted.

6. There is an algorithm that determines how much money you should make per 1000 views based on various factors such as geographical location, IP address and other criteria explained in screenshot #7 below.

7. You can see screenshots #8 and #9 below that show current earnings report for my account using the Pro membership plan (yellow highlight) with no customization applied yet:

8. Screenshot #10 shows estimated earnings breakdown by traffic source:

Notice how they estimate 14% from Mobile traffic but what I'm making is <3% as shown in screenshot #4 above?

9. This is not a scam and it seems to pays fairly well but definitely has room for improvement as explained in METHOD 2 of this post so please read on!

10. Thank you for reading my BCVc review, if it was helpful then please use Referral Link to join as an affiliate, you will earn 10% from anyone who joins via your link and I will receive a commission! Note: You can also convert to Pro member which should improve revenue but it's not worth the additional monthly fee based on my testing as shown in screenshots #1-#5 above, unless you are using BTC for payout because there is no additional charge for that option.

11. Please share this post if you enjoyed reading it and also subscribe to my YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/c/BCVCBinReviews , thanks! - BIN Reviews Team


Background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: BC.VC is a mass hyperlink shorter web site that pays you for shortening the

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