Awesome URL Shorteners #matchurl

Awesome URL Shorteners #matchurl


There are tons of great URL shorteners out there, each with a wide range of features. Here’s a quick overview of ten popular link shorteners.

Dedicated URL Shorteners
1. Bitly
Best for: Enterprise level businesses.

Bitly is one of the most popular URL shorteners available.

As shown above, anyone can use the link shortener anonymously to create as many short links as they like.

The free account allows you to create and track up to 500 branded URLs and 10,000 non-branded links. This includes the ability to monitor how many clicks your shortened URLs receive, the location of the click, and your top referrers.

Premium and enterprise accounts are available and start from around $500 per month. These allow you to create as many short links as you like and access more detailed analytical reports.

Bitly also integrates with many other services, such as Zapier and TweetDeck.

2. Rebrandly
Best for: Small businesses focused on branding.
Rebrandly is a URL shortener which focuses on customizing and branding short URLs.

They help you to set up a new domain to use for short URLs in minutes. Alternatively, they can help you to set up your current website domain name to use with your short URLs.

Their free plan allows you to create and track up to 1,000 branded links, using up to five custom domains. To add team members and other extras, premium accounts start from $29 per month.

Rebrandly also integrates with many other services, such as Buffer, Zapier, and Tweetbot.

3. ClickMeter
Best for: Large businesses.

ClickMeter is Rebrandly’s sister company and is aimed at enterprise level companies that are looking for more technical features than Rebrandly provides.

One of Clickmeter’s key selling points is that they offer conversion tracking – a feature that not many URL shorteners offer.

Clickmeter plans start at $29 per month.

4. Clkim
Best for: Affiliate marketers, bloggers, and influencers.
Clkim is similar to Rebrandly and offers many of the same features.

The main difference is Clkim’s focus on monetization and interstitial ads. These are full-screen ads which cover the web page or app interface.

For this reason, Clkim is a fantastic choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers looking for another source of revenue. And of course, you can still use Clkim to track and brand your short URLs.

Clkim provides a free 14-day trial, with plans starting at $10 per month.

5. Tiny URL
Best for: Casual users in need of a quick and easy-to-use URL shortener.
TinyURL used to be one of the top link shorteners available – back when Facebook and smartphones weren’t around yet.

As you can see from the image above, TinyURL is pretty outdated and lacks many features that are commonplace among other link shorteners.

That said, TinyURL does have its benefits.

First, it’s extremely simple to use. You don’t have to create an account and there’s no tracking or dashboard.

What’s more, unlike many quick and simple URL shorteners, TinyURL allows you to customize the latter part of your URL.

For example, I took this link:

And used TinyURL to create this one:

Plus, this link shortener is completely free!

6. Polr
Best for: Creating and hosting your own URL shortener.
Polr is an open-source project which allows anyone with the technical know-how to create and host their own link shortener.

You can use Polr as it is, or customize it to your individual needs – it’s written in PHP and Lumen, using MySQL. (If that sentence looks like Greek to you, then maybe pass on Polr.)

If you just want to test out the basic interface, Polr offers a demo page.

7. IS.GD
Best for: Another one for casual users in need of a quick and easy-to-use URL shortener.
IS.GD is another URL shortener that’s handy when you’re looking for a quick tool to help you shorten your link. This is definitely one of the fastest URL shorteners out there. All you have to do is enter the URL in the given space and click the “shorten” button, and you’re done.

You can also check your link’s statistics by previewing your page with the preview feature. The links are permanent once they’ve been created, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing. Another plus is that you can customize the links at the end to make them unique to represent your brand or identity.

As well as helping you shorten your links, this tool has the ability to create a QR code. As many smartphones have the ability to read QR codes, this can be added to your business cards or advertisements, so that those interested can get to your links that way as well.

Oh, and this link shortener is completely free!

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