Audiences by # matchurl

Audiences by # matchurl


Are you having a hard time finding new prospects? Are your existing conversion rates flat lining?

With an audience in hand, marketers are targeting people who have expressed interest in their products and services. People that visit your website or use your mobile app can be added to an audience list. Then they receive relevant messages that encourage further engagement with your brand.  


An audience can be automatically generated by connecting links to our data management platform (DMP). Once the audience is live, all activity associated with each link will feed into the DMP to help refine any future marketing efforts. For example, when someone visits your site from one of our links, they may also read other articles on your site; this information gets fed back into the DMP which helps us to understand the person's interests and serves them relevant ads.


Audiences by has an extensive list of capabilities, including:

Increase conversions with social retargeting Use automated targeting based on user behavior Use any shortener or your own domain Get rich engagement analytics for each link Monitor all URL shortener campaigns in one place Customize the message sent to people who visit your site Build remarketing lists using our DMP Add location-specific information to your site visitors Send mobile app notifications to users Track clicks from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages Tie audience lists into your CRM or other 3rd party platforms

Build high performing audience lists that are ready for you to target right out of the box! Or test run an audience list with a free 14 day trial.

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In this example, the author is pushing for us to build them an audience so they can start building their list. They also note that they have a data management platform (DMP), but don't mention what it does or if we integrate with it - they're most likely trying to get us to ask for more information, which would open up a conversation about how our services can help them instead of just assuming that they want a list built and then sending a bunch of information without checking if their DMP meets our requirements. We've been trained already on the costs associated with creating an audience list from 10k-100k links, so the author doesn't have to spend time explaining that.


The article then goes on to explain how is a unique URL shortener because you can beat your competition by “adding rich engagement analytics and integrating with their data management platform (DMP)”, which we know from the first paragraph is something that we offer - we don't just shorten links! They also touch on how our services work and what value it brings: "With an audience in hand, marketers are targeting people who have expressed interest in their products and services." Finally they mention how building an audience list takes minutes and costs nothing, so there's no reason why marketers shouldn't already be using this service. They want to push us as the solution to their problem and they do it by progressively pushing the conversation further than just “Hey, you should use” by adding value with each sentence - this is how we know that our persuasive copywriting skills are working!


Once I've gotten through our article list, I'd like to look at some of the competitors' landing pages. The first competitor I plan on looking at is Bitly . It seems that Bitly's main advantage over other link shorteners is that they have an extension for popular browsers (Chrome/Safari) that can be used to shorten links without visiting the website first. Here's their top section:

Bitly Benefits & Features

Making things like URLs shorter and sharing them easier has never been easier.

Shorten URLs from the web and social networks for free, with our browser extensions or mobile apps.

In comparison to Audiences by , it seems that the only thing they have going for them is their browser extension - this could be a big selling point if their competitors don't offer one as well. I'll do some more research on what people think of the extension and how it actually works before making any conclusions on whether or not we need to add that into our messaging too, but based on first impressions, I'd say Bitly's messaging needs work compared to ours. Their full page copy looks like this:

Bitly's Landing Page In contrast Audiences by has a landing page that is a lot more engaging, has a nice video about our services, and links to another page where we have more statistics . We also have pages specifically for marketers and data analysts , which could be useful if they're reading an article about building social media lists. Here's the full copy of their page:

Audiences by's Landing Page I'd say based on this evidence alone, Audiences by comes out as the clear winner. But there are still other competitors I want to look at, so let's move onto my next stop… URL Shorteners Wiki

They seem to have most of our advantages over other link shorteners - mobile app/browser extension for tracking clicks, free analytics, custom domains, etc. Here's their top section:

Bitly Benefits & Features

Free link-shortening tools for your website, blog or social network profile including the browser extensions and mobile apps.

Their full page copy is a bit more detailed than Bitly's , but it still doesn't explain how our services are any different from theirs - just that ours are better! They have an article about using link shorteners to drive traffic to content which I will read later on because I want to first see if they cover anything in specific about . Let's look at the bottom of the page:

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