Affiliate Marketing Training Tutorials  #matchurl

Affiliate Marketing Training Tutorials #matchurl


it's your niche affiliate marketing you
may be wondering what it is how do you
even get started how can you start
generating a sustainable income the good
news is that's really not that
complicated and it's relatively easy to
get started stay tuned to learn more the
basic definition of affiliate marketing
is when you sell or get leads to
somebody else's product or service you
are going to find that there are so many
people out there that already do this
when a company needs help making sales
and they allow people to sign up as
they're willing to pay a commission or
flat rate per lead or sale now as an
affiliate you're looking for companies
that have high quality products high
payouts and long term tracking okay
let's talk next shall we
when you choose a niche that you want to
promote make sure that you choose
something that you're already familiar
with this will make your life so much
easier because you don't want to be an
expert in the topic that's going to help
you create your content for your
promotions don't pick dogs as your niche
if you know nothing about dogs okay so
two important things so far pick a niche
and pick a high quality product
now affiliate marketing can be used to
make a sustainable income in number of
ways you can make a website you can have
a blog you can have a newsletter social
media you could your email marketing
your PPC ad the list is long are you
taking notes however is the most popular
form of a long term affiliate promotion
is done with your best site and email
now remember I said long term you can
send people directly to your affiliate
links but that will be long term if you
purchase your own domain name then you
can cloak your Simulink and build your
own brand at the same time you'll want
to choose a domain that is related to
your niche that you're trying to target
for example if you're targeting and dog
potty training products you don't want
to pick a URL that has something to do
it cars and after you have a good domain
name make sure that you have a reliable
hosting company because common sense if
they're not dependable and your
website's down most of the time
making money that's just common sense
now once all of that is done you're
ready to get your affiliate links and
your website set up so that you can
start sending traffic to it now traffic
is a whole beast of a topic on its own
there are so many ways of driving
traffic but the key is to pick one and
get good at it you can do Facebook free
traffic to do Facebook ads YouTube's
free traffic solo ads banner ads you get
the point remember pick one and get good
at it so let's recap shall we step 1
pick a niche step 2 pick a product and
grab an affiliate links step 3
drive traffic to your affiliate links
it's really that simple guys now make
sure you grab your free copy of my
affiliate marketing guide down below to
learn more about each step in detail I
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