Advantages of using the N9 link shortener

Advantages of using the N9 link shortener


Another way to reduce the number of characters you need to type is by using link shorteners. By using this option on your Nokia N9 device, you can shrink the original 25 character web address down to just 5 characters without compromising its performance or functionality.

Shortened links provide a quick and simple way for people to access specific sites on mobile devices where typing URLs might be cumbersome. For example, if you find yourself sending an IM service provider's website link time and time again, it may be useful to create a shortened version that will take them directly to that page with one click. The same goes for sharing YouTube videos or audio files with friends via email or social networking site walls.

Link shorteners are also commonly used for SEO purposes as they help to condense the number of characters in URLs. Google actually recognises shortened links as valid ones that can help improve your website's SERP rankings.

How do I create a link on my Nokia N9?

There are various ways of creating a shortened web address on your mobile device, either through third-party applications or built-in native features. For example, both Twitter and Facebook provide built-in functionality for users to shorten their message URLs with third party link shorteners such as bitly or tiny url. However, you can also use simple Android apps available from the Nokia Store to achieve the same results without having to walk through several steps before sending out your link.

Nokia'sipe offers some extremely useful tools for people who want to manage their social media interactions. One of its most useful features is the ability to shorten links, allowing you to send out long web addresses more easily via SMS or on Twitter. Just type in your desired URL into the text field and let it generate a shortened version that will only require 5 characters to access!

What are the advantages?

To begin with, using shortened web addresses will allow you to stay within Twitter's 140-character limit if you so choose. This can be extremely useful for those who want to update their followers about some piece of news quickly but don't feel like typing up an entire article link first. It also means that users won't have to cut down on the number of letters they use when sharing a particular link over text message as shortened URLs let you condense a lot of content into a few words.

Another advantage is that shortened links allow for easier sharing on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which often have strict restrictions regarding the number of characters a user can use. Rather than typing out a long web address, users can simply type in the short link and place it directly into their status update to let others know about some new content they've found entertaining or informative. These same rules also apply to usernames as well, so if you prefer using shorter versions on your social media accounts then this feature works just as well on Nokia N9 devices.

What happens if I click on a "shortened" URL?


When you click on a shortened URL, it will take you to the original link's address. For example, if your Nokia N9 automatically generates a shortened link for Facebook and you click on it, it will take you directly to that particular page instead of redirecting you through several URLs first. The same goes for any other website address; clicking on a shortened URL will simply send you straight to its destination address without any issues along the way.

Nokia N9 devices with S60 5th Edition are becoming increasingly popular around the world due to their ease-of-use and streamlined user interface design. This mobile device has rapidly become one of the most sought-after choices in terms of mobile technology thanks part to its built-in support for a wide range of applications and its ability to switch effortlessly between different user interfaces, making it a strong contender in the smartphone market.


The shortened URLs will take you directly to the original article's address if clicked, no matter what site you visit from any link sharing platform such as Facebook or Twitter! This is done by manipulating URL tracking services so that when an external site attempts to detect where a short link was originally pointing to in order to take you back there, it gets redirected to the actual address instead. This is done without any sort of indication that anything has changed for the user and gives them a clean slate every time they click on a short link.

What are the disadvantages?

There isn't much that can be said in terms of disadvantages when using Nokia'sipe as it provides all its users with benefits such as its shortened URLs and other nifty tools. The only thing we would like to point out is that this service may not always be available depending on your location or if you're outside of 3G/WiFi coverage areas due to the fact that it makes use of server-side tracking services from Google Analytics. However, these issues should only impact a small number of users and should not be enough to dissuade you from using this nifty feature.

Nokia'sipe is free for all Nokia N9 users who have access to S60 5th Edition devices so there are no recurring fees involved with using it, making it perfect for those looking for privacy online or are concerned about their privacy in general. This service should allow you to stay safe at all times by hiding your real location data behind several different redirects, which can come in handy if certain websites don't allow anonymous visitors or refuse to load content unless they're able to track down the user first. Overall, Nokia'sipe is an extremely useful tool that lets you share links quickly without losing valuable character space on Twitter or making your URLs much easier to remember.

Title: Advantages of using the N9 link shortener



ply type in the short link and place it directly into their status update to let others know about some new content they've found entertaining or informative. These same rules also apply to usernames as well, so if you prefer using shorter versions on your social media accounts then this feature works just as well on Nokia N9 devices.



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Nokia'sipe is free to use and provides instant short URL services that can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus with just a few taps of your mobile device's screen. It also bypasses some of the limitations set in place by certain websites and content providers so you can share whatever kind of link you'd like without any issues whatsoever.


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