AdLinkFly—Monetized URL Shortener  # matchurl

AdLinkFly—Monetized URL Shortener # matchurl


AdLinkFly is a premium URL shortener service that has been developed to drive traffic to your website, increase organic search engine rankings and generate interest in your product. The best thing about AdLinkFly is that it monetizes all the free traffic you send through your shortened links for you automatically. You will not find any other URL shortener on the market that does this automatically as well as AdLinkFly!

They give you the chance to turn those unwanted URLs into money-making machines through their innovative Monetized URL Shortening Service . How do they work? All you need to do is sign up and create a link, after creating it, go on and grab its destination URL. Then paste the destination URL on their box under "Generated Link" and press submit. AdLinkFly will short it for you, notifying you of its shortened URL through an email with the summary of what has happened. It takes only a few seconds to get your first link active on their system.

Yes, most other services are free but they all work in different ways, some of them are very complicated while others are simple but deceptive! There is no use of getting involved into something that is not beneficial, so why waste time? With AdLinkFly it's clear—it's automatic and verifies clicks automatically . No need to check each one manually!

AdLinkFly does more than just shorten URLs; it also provides you with an advanced set of to manage all aspects related to your shortened URL such as: Keyword and Destination URL Tracking, Customized Links, Advertiser Dashboard, Automatic Advertising Balancing and much more.

What makes it different from other services? There are two aspects that make AdLinkFly different from all the rest. Firstly, they are not CPM based—they are CPC based, which means you get paid for each click your link generates no matter how long or short that particular link is. Secondly, they don't use any proxies to achieve this colossal feat of providing over 10 million ad impressions everyday! The reason why most companies prefer proxies is because IP addresses can be easily tracked by webmasters to find out who clicked what where when. They do this in an attempt to avoid getting clicks from other webmasters. This can be avoided by using proxy servers that rotate between a large number of IP addresses.

Why not give AdLinkFly a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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What is the best way to monetize your website in an effective manner? 5 Ways That Work By Geetesh Bajaj, CFA | Nov 4, 2009 All webmasters create a website because they want to implement their ideas on the internet and make money. They know that it takes time before their website starts generating passive income... Do you have an awesome idea which would benefit others? Great! But do you have any plans to execute it? If your answer is yes then here are some helpful tips for creating an awesome website..   I had also registered with Ad Link Fly but got banned after using it once or twice. Is there any link shortener available currently which pays for click & referrals? I need long term solution if anyone aware of anything. Reply Delete

I'm getting ban when i use this link shorten link Reply Delete

Hello, I used Adlink fly but my account get banned or deleted after i earn about 20$ with this website. Now i need long term solution to use some other website which pay for click & referrals? Reply Delete

hello dear, adfly has ban the account because it is not good site for adult content sites or torrent sites then you can use, the benefit of this site that no more bounce rate and no adsense block your site so good luck . Reply Delete

Great article! I have been using AdLinkFly since last 3 months and am very happy with their service :) - Cheers Reply Delete

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