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04.Oct.2021 is a web-based photo sharing service in which users are paid for viewing ads in their galleries. 

It is possible to be paid with both PayPal and Bitcoin in . It's also possible to withdraw the money every month, but only if you have reached $10 minimum threshold revenue before that end of the month (started from January 2013).

AdFoc.Us presents itself as "the best ad revenue sharing website". You get 20% of your referral income too! So if you refer somebody and he/she earns 10$ by displaying advertisements, you get 2$, isn't it great? Actually it is;)

The payouts minimum threshold revenue was increased recently: starting from January 2013 you can now withdraw every month if you reach $10 threshold, and promises that they will send your money as soon as possible: "We like to be honest with our users and we hate waiting for money too!"

So this site looks pretty interesting... But how much you can earn? Let's go to the point!

How Much Can You Earn With ?

AdFoc.Us is a great website which pays you by displaying advertisements on your profile page. So it's not necessary for them to attract new advertisers - all they need is more viewers of advertisers' ads, i.e.: users like us :) And it works!

You are paid up to 50% of what advertiser pays to , and the rest 50% goes to 's bank account :P 

  But I've already told you about this in " How much can you earn with a web service that pays by advertisements? ".

When it comes to think how much money we can make, there are two factors: how many advertisers join their website every day and how many users visit them daily. So let's start from the second factor - you should know that according to is the 816th most visited website in all world . This means that if they get 100 000 visitors per day (which seems realistic) we will be able, for example, to double our earnings from $0.05 to $1 per day or even more, when we have around 100 referrals...

That's quite a lot of money in the pocket, isn't it? And I think that I didn't exaggerate. Don't forget that they pay us for viewing ads on our profile pages too! So if you have an account in then you can visit your friends' galleries and get paid for it! This way users like us can make some serious money with this website (up to hundreds dollars) :).

Well, let's see what we get by referring people:

  20% of all income generated by your referral . Remember that there are two ways of making money - either you view advertisements on your profile page, or you refer someone and he/she views advertisements on his/her own profile page. Don't forget this! So if your referrals earn 50 cents per day then you gain 10 cents for each of them.

  20% of all income generated by your referral . If gets 100 000 visitors per day, then they will have around 200 000 users in total - so there are over 1 million people who can visit the sites of our referrals every single day...

From these facts we can draw a conclusion that if you invite enough people to , it's possible to make serious money with this website. But let me tell something about how many people exactly do I recommend you to invite?

How to Make Money With ?

I think that if you really want to make money with this website then you should invite as many people as possible - at least 100 users, and it's better if they all have accounts here (don't forget about your 20% income from each of them!). But let me tell you one thing: recently I've made a poll in which I asked my visitors How Many People Do You Refer to . There were over 200 respondents and the results were pretty interesting:

  So according to these statistics, very few people do any serious work by inviting other users :) The other fact is that for most users not more than 50 referrals will join the site! Let me explain this to you, because I think that some of you didn't understand the meaning of the graph above:

Please look at this graph carefully! Of course, there are certain people who have already invited hundreds of users (look at blue bars) - which is great! But in my opinion most of us will never be able to achieve such results. You can see that almost 50% respondents claim they only have between 11 and 20 referrals.

  So if your "net" consists of just 20 people then it's not very easy to make more than $1 per day here :( Of course, if you've got 100 or even 200 referrals then it's possible to make $5+ per day (see for yourself - read through forums like BlackHatWorld to find out how much money people make with the help of their referrals).

But I want to tell you something important: it's great if you have 20 referrals, but these should be good ones - ones that like and are really interested in earning money here (otherwise they won't click on ads every day!).

  So this is my advice for most of us: instead of wasting your time with inviting friends who don't care about the project, focus on convincing "good" users to join! And then your number of referrals will grow exponentially :D

On the other hand, I've discovered that many people don't know how to convince someone else to start working for this website. So I decided to write a few words about this:

How to Bring More People to

  First of all, you should explain how much money the other person can make with your help (just look at my previous post: The Most Expensive Traffic - How Can You Buy Traffic and Make Your Visitors Earn Money for You?).

And secondly, you should tell that it's very easy to do. After joining this website the user will be able to see ads on his/her own profile page as well as those of 1-2 friends' profile pages - which means that s/he won't lose even 5 minutes per day!

  If you think that these tips are helpful then please send them around to your

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