ADF.LY # matchurl

ADF.LY # matchurl

12.Oct.2021 is a unique service because it not only helps to shorten links, but it also allows its users to make money just by using it. You can earn money when unique visitors click on your shortened links on your blog or social media site. All you need to do is sign up for an account and get started. The best part is it is free to use.  


The service offers safe advertising with no popups [Note: This makes the sentence more interesting; "safe" and "no popup" are both keywords in's value proposition]. [Important Note: ALWAYS write out the entire name of websites when they first appear in articles] founded in March 2011 and since then has become one of the go-to advertising services because its safe and effective. also offers over 100,000 domains to choose from when shortening your links. is used by many bloggers and social media sites to help increase website traffic, making money off clicks, and sharing shortened URLs on Twitter .

You can sign up for an account at if you want to start earning money through your shortened links or just for fun! [Note: You may choose to end the article here].

___ If you are interested in using as a user rather than as a publisher there are some things you should know about first before signing up. As a user you will receive 70% of the revenue generated from your links, but this is subject to change if finds that you are violating their terms and conditions. So how do they find out? Well through analytics for one thing, so don't even try it! Using bots or other methods to gain clicks will show up in your analytics and can get you banned without warning.

You also need to be aware that different countries have different rates for click-throughs. For example, India pays less than 1 cent per click while US users can expect around $1-$6 CPM (cost per thousand). They pay every week on Fridays via PayPal , AlertPay , or bank transfer . You may choose which payment method you want to use when you sign up for an account.

So are you ready to get started? You can find more information on how to join at [Note: Repeat the website URL]. has become one of the most popular ad services on the web because it offers unique features, great analytics , and safe advertising .  

___ If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!  is a service that allows users to shorten links so they may share them with others while tracking incoming traffic from these shortened links on their ad-friendly domains ("adf." + ".ly"). Unique visitors clicking on these shortened links generate online revenue for the users of (publishers). This article provides information about that is useful to both publishers and users of this service.

Before providing information about how to join as a publisher, an important distinction should be made between users vs publishers . A user signs up for an account at (affiliate link) and begins creating short links through their account control panel on the website's backend by selecting a custom domain name from a list of available options, or by using a URL they already own that has never been used with the service before ("adf." + ".ly" domains are not available to be chosen by users). users can then share these shortened links on their blog or social media site, or through email and other means that they choose [use "publish on blogs/social media sites" for this sentence]. Users profit from incoming unique visitor clicks on their short links (typically 1 cent - $6 CPM depending on location and publisher type; more below) through PayPal, AlertPay, bank transfer , etc.

Users of do not contribute to the publisher pool (revenue distribution) like the publishers mentioned here . A publisher signs up for an account at (affiliate link), creates a custom name ("adf." + ".ly" domains are not available to be chosen by users) for their unique ad-friendly subdomain , and then begins creating short links through their account control panel on the website's backend. The user may begin sharing these shortened links on their blog or social media site, or through email and other means that they choose at any time after signing up . This is done by using the publisher's unique subdomain name in place of an URL when clicking "Shorten Link" from the publisher control panel.

In this way, publishers can build a portfolio of different short links for their own use as well as have others shorten links to them so they may track incoming traffic from those links ("ad clicks"). Revenue generated from individual unique visitor clicks on each publisher's short links (typically 1 cent - $6 CPM; more below) is deposited into their PayPal/AlertPay accounts or bank account every Friday .


Publishers who are no longer using may delete their account at any time by logging in , clicking "Manage Your Domains" from the left-hand menu, and hitting the red "Delete My Account" button. This permanently deletes all custom URLs that were created with that account. Users will receive an email confirmation for this type of deletion request before it takes effect.

Formatting information [no punctuation]: Publishers must have a PayPal or Alertpay to be paid out weekly .  The minimum payout amount is $5.00.  Payments are typically sent within the first few hours of Friday morning (US Eastern time).  The link to PayPal/Alertpay is located in the publisher control panel.

Publishers receive 1 cent per unique click on their short links .  If your website receives 100,000 unique clicks on your short links in a given week, then you will earn $100 that week.  Your earnings are displayed on the publisher control panel every Wednesday by 5pm EST for previous weeks' activity .

Formatting information [no punctuation]: Publishers may have multiple accounts but only one account may be paid out at a time.

Publishers can edit or delete their custom subdomain name at any

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