About Me Section for Guest Blog Posts #matchurl

About Me Section for Guest Blog Posts #matchurl


Ever write a blog post where the only link you’re allowed to post that goes back to your site is in the “About the Author” section?


That link is VERY important for getting value out of your guest blog post. First, it’s a backlink, which Google likes very much. And Second, it can drive traffic, which can then convert to a user, lead, or customer.


But how do you know if it’s performing? What happens if you want to redirect that backlink to a new page, or a custom page dedicated to that audience?


If you use a short link, you can at any time add UTM parameters to the link and change the destination.


For example, if my website is www.mywebsite.com and I want to link back to it from a guest blog post, I would use this short link: http://goo.gl/G2OvBM


This link is very easy for people to share on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and Google likes that too! :)

Now, if later down the road we wanted to change the destination of that link, we could just add some UTM parameters as such: http://goo.gl/G2OvBM?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_term=seo%20expert . Now our post links off our site back to our Facebook page.


If you have any questions or need help setting up your link, just let me know! I’m always available to help :)



*Note: You can use any combination of site name, role in the company, social media platform(s), and relevant keywords/phrases here.* *It is recommend that for best results you use one to three UTM parameters max with your short links.* *For example, using the author section mentioned above as an example again, "utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_term=seo%20expert" would be the best combination of UTM parameters to use in that section.* *Be sure to remove your old short link(s) from your article and replace it with a new one using the same anchor text*


Warning: This is not a fully tested method for guest blogging, but you're going to have to do some testing yourself. Nobody on this site can help you with that - including me. Testing requires manual effort on your part after every guest post you publish, which means it's time consuming. Thus, no warning bells sound when I mention that this might work for guest blogging. Use at your own risk. Your mileage may vary.

Ok, so you know what I'm going to ask: What's in it for me? Well, I'll tell you: If this works for guest blogging and if you can get hard numbers on how much traffic this generates when the link is mentioned in an "about the author" section, then we can add that to my list of numbers which would add credibility to your activity as a marketing consultant or whatever your profession may be. Then we'll be able to make a case for ourselves better when pitching ideas like these to clients and/or employers (if applicable). For example, we might be able to show them that something like this:


...has generated about 3,400 visits to my website within the last three years. That number is probably enough for most people, but I'll try to get you more numbers if they can help me in some way or another. If you need additional numbers that are hard to get but not too hard (and if they help me) then I might be able to get them for you as well.

In the meantime, feel free to comment on this post and tell people about it if it helps you and/or your business. Let's see how far we can take it together! :)

And ... what? No comments so far? People aren't saying anything about this method? Oh come on, all of you know somebody who needs something like this done for guest blogging purposes! So say something already please - whether that would be a short "I nominate this technique!" or a more detailed explanation why that person should use my technique over somebody else's method(s). Obviously, I'd prefer the latter because I want to learn from you :)


The author goes on to tell you about how he/she would like help introducing the idea and talking about it.

Help me, please! - I can't do this alone

There is no way that I'm going to convince somebody (client, employer, and so on) of trying out a technique like this unless I have some numbers to show them. But numbers are really hard to get for new techniques such as these. So if you try something like this out and you get results from doing so (be it one or two relevant links or thousands of visits), let me know! It would be great if we could compare our numbers; yours vs mine :) Of course, it doesn't matter whether you used my technique(s) or some other method(s) to achieve that result because the numbers are what's important. The numbers don't lie, so your technique doesn't matter as long as you get relevant links and/or traffic to your website.

You could say something like this, for example: *"Hey, I'd like to try this out but I'm not sure if it will work well enough for my purposes. Do you think it's worth $100-$200?"*

At which point I would answer with something along the lines of: *"Well ... let me tell you something about this new guest blogging idea that I recently came up with (see 'About the Author' section above). If you're interested in finding out more about that, then please let me know. We can discuss everything in more detail then."*

Thoughts? - Have a better way of introducing the technique to potential customers? Please share it with us if you can! :)

Disclaimer: Obviously, this article is meant for educational purposes only. I'm not *that* evil that I would sell my technique(s) to random people without knowing their intentions etc. If your intentions are pure and you want to learn how something like this could help your business or whatever, then feel free to contact me about anything related to the guest blogging idea mentioned in this post (or any other ideas which might interest you). But if all you're looking for is someone who's willing to share their method(s) for getting a link from the "About the Author" section of a guest blog article, then you should look elsewhere. :)

So ... what do you think? - Respond to this post and let me know if I should publish something like this or not. If there is enough interest in it, I'll get started on creating a product around this idea but only if the numbers confirm that there's a demand for it (and if I don't get hit by a bus tomorrow). So help me out please - tell people about your thoughts on my new technique(s) for guest blogging! And thank you in advance!

The author then tells us how many visitors have been redirected from his/her About Me page to other websites so

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