A Brief History of URL Shorteners # Matchurl

A Brief History of URL Shorteners # Matchurl


Long before Twitter or text messages, people used to use 1 character links for shortening long URLs. Matchurl was the first paid URL shortener specifically created for Twitter users to get more out of their 140 characters. Matchurl has allowed marketers to refocus their efforts on social media marketing and that’s why Matchurl is still currently in business. Matchurl now manages over 20,000 shortened links.  


URLs are very long and difficult to keep track of. Matchurl has solved this problem by allowing users to easily shorten URLs through their Matchurl service. Matchurl then tracks where the URL was taken from so that they can be credited for the link’s destination traffic. Matchurl is unique in that it offers a special deal for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but businesses will have to pay more if they want larger analytics reports or better customer support features. MatchUrl is still very successful today due to its mobile platform compatibility along with lots of other rich features only found on MatchUrl.


MatchURL has turned out to be one of the most successful business ideas of all time. MatchURL has become a staple for people looking to get around the limitations of having only 140 characters in one post. Matchurl is mostly used by people who use Twitter and Facebook extensively and want to spread links in their social media posts. Matchurl is very useful when it comes to marketing in social media and that’s why Matchurl will continue to be successful today.


Today, MatchURL is used mostly by marketers trying to increase their reach through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. MatchURL allows users to shorten long URLs into short, easy-to-share links on these platforms. MatchURL also offers analytics reports and customer support features for paying customers who need them most. MatchIt was created due to MatchURL’s success and MatchIt has proven to be very successful in its own right, which is why MatchUrl will continue to be in business today. MatchURL was created in 2007 by MatchIt, but MatchIt didn’t launch Matchit until 2011. Today Matchurl is the most popular paid URL shortener service on the market.


Today, MatchReally doesn’t see too much use from social media users, but MatchReally still sees a lot of use from businesses that need more robust analytics or customer support features that MatchReally tends to offer. MatchReally is only available for Twitter and Facebook since it came after MatchURL which was mostly used on these platforms at a time when there were not many others out there. MatchReally has done really well for MatchIt since MatchReally uses MatchURL’s technology. MatchReally is the successor to MatchURL which was an overnight success.


Matchurl used to be known as Match8, however Match8 changed its name to Matchurl so that it could emphasize how much use it gets from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Match8 began by only focusing on Twitter, but now offers links for other services as well since people use more than one service nowadays. Match8 works seamlessly across all types of browsers because it was built with AJAX HTML5.


MatchIt has enjoyed a lot of success over the years because they were able to offer social media users that they couldn’t find elsewhere. MatchReally’s success has allowed MatchIt to work on Match8 instead of MatchReally since Match8 is more popular than MatchIt was in its early days. Match8 is still used frequently by social media users today because it allows them to shorten URLs into short, easy-to-share links across all browsers.


Matchit hasn't seen much use from social media users for years now, but businesses are still sometimes willing to pay extra for analytics and customer support features that Matchit offers. Businesses are the only ones who need analytics reports or better customer support so Matchreally doesn’t see too much use anymore thanks to successful competitors like Matchurl which sees a lot of use from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. MatchReally is still hosted by MatchIt but MatchReally no longer sees much use, so MatchIt has decided to focus on Match8 instead of MatchReally. Matchit was also made with AJAX HTML5 so it works seamlessly across all types of browsers. Matchreally isn't popular anymore since there are tons of url shortener services out there now that didn't exist back when Matchit launched in 2011.***It

’s a bit ironic that the first thing to be shortened frequently were URLs. After all, if you wanted to reach any website from anywhere in the world, you had to enter it into your browser’s address bar yourself. There was no such thing as a search engine because Google hadn’t been created yet! In 1993, it became possible to shorten long URLs with a simple service called TinyURL – and it took off like wildfire.

Simple enough for anyone to use, there still wasn't a very easy way to shorten links on social media sites or blogs. Matchurl allows users to instantly create short urls within seconds of them being visited without having to login or sign up for an account. The Matchurl platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind, Matchurl.com has been audited by a leading web application security firm to ensure Matchurl is secure for business use. Matchurl uses an industry standard 256-bit HTTPS connection when creating a shortened url or when redirecting a person to a short url that was created.

Matchurl launched in January 2014 and currently gets over 100,000 unique visitors per month. Matchurl offers users access to bulk urls creation, which allows Matchurl users to create 1,000's of short urls at once. Matchurl also offers great support via e-mail and over the phone for any questions regarding matchurlt or shortened links in general. Matchurl.com is also currently working on Matchtool. Matchtool will be a platform for short link tracking and verification, Matchtool will allow Matchurl users to track where their links are being shortened and the number of clicks they get on these links.

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