7 Best Link Shorteners for Business & Social (Free & Paid)

7 Best Link Shorteners for Business & Social (Free & Paid)


Every social media marketer needs to quickly and consistently share links without worrying about them looking spammy. But the days of sharing plain, unruly URLs on your socia  

l networks are behind you!


Linking on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn has evolved into a smooth process that looks better than ever — even if you’re sending out dozens of links every day. You just need to know which link shorteners work best for each platform and industry. We're here to help you with that:

We've done the research so you don't have to! Here's our list of 7 best link shorteners for business & social (free & paid).

Check them out below!

1. Goo.gl Link Shortener

To gain a competitive edge, marketers have to get creative with their social media strategies. The best way to do that is by sharing links that look clean and professional. The Google URL shortener service Goo.gl is one of the best ways to do just that — especially if you're selling online dating advice from dating tips blog articles or email dating tips newsletters!

One benefit of using Goo.gl is that it gives your audience an easy-to-remember link like: https://goo.gl/E9BAp6 (sexy dating tips). It keeps them engaged in what you’re saying and encourages them to click through to learn more about the topic at hand — without getting too spammy or salesy in your dating tips tweets or dating tips Facebook posts.

The Goo.gl link shortener also gives you a way to track the traffic going from your dating tips articles and dating tips YouTube videos back to your dating site, dating blog, or dating newsletter — even if you’re sharing the link on social networks like Google+ and LinkedIn!

2. Bitly Link Shortener

Shorten a long URL into something that's easy to share with friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ using ShrinkUrl or just use bitly - simple as that! Simply paste in any long URL, press "Shorten" and they'll generate a new ShrinkUrl for you instantly.

More: https://bitly.com/

3. Shortkeys Link Shortener

Shortkeys is a free service that allows you to create short URLs from your long links so they can be embedded in tweets, Facebook posts and more...

More: https://shortkeys.com/

4. TinyURL Link Shortener

TinyURL provides a means of condensing URLs to something more manageable without losing the context of where the link will take you when you click it. Pointing this way is faster than copying and pasting an entire URL, plus it’s just as easy to copy and paste with one small difference — instead of being a mess of letters and numbers about dating tips or dating advice articles, dating tips video hot dating tips articles dating tips blog dating tips for dating tips videos dating tips newsletter it's a neatly shortened link that reads something like this: http://tinyurl.com/3vy8otd

5. Linkis Link Shortener

Linkis is a URL shortening service where you can easily share your links everywhere you go on the internet. Using Linkis will keep you from having to type up long URL’s again and again...

More: https://linkis.com/

6. Adf.ly Link Shortener Service

Shorten any website address (URL) with adf.ly, paste it anywhere! Embed single adf.ly links or use our banners, buttons & custom links to grow your traffic & revenues, shortener service!

More: http://adf.ly/

7. Ow.ly Link Shortener Service

Ow.ly is the social sharing URL shortening and tracking platform for professionals, experts and thought leaders looking to attract engaged audiences daily. With advanced analytics for all links shortened with the ow.ly platform, you will be able to measure your results in real-time...

More: http://ow.ly/

8. Snipurl Link Shortener Service

Snipurl allows you to create tiny URLs that can be expanded into any longer URL instantly! You also have the option of keeping track on how many people are clicking through to your link by enabling Snipstats...

More: http://snipurl.com/

9. OneURL Link Shortener Service

OneURL lets you post links without having to break them up into smaller pieces! All non-premium links are free...

More: http://oneurl.net/

10. TinyLink Link Shortener Service

TinyLink offers an easy way to shorten URLs, track clicks and share web pages on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can also use it as a shortened URL for emailing colleagues using your own email address...

More: https://www.tinylink.co/

11. Snkrs Link Shortener Service

Snkrs is a simple link shortening service that

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