6 ideas for how to use URL shorteners in your marketing

6 ideas for how to use URL shorteners in your marketing


In the past few years, URL shorteners have become a popular marketing tool for businesses. Have you ever wondered what they actually do and how you can use them in your SEO plan? Read on to discover 6 ideas for using URL shorteners in your marketing efforts.

1) Create a custom link  for sharing content

Custom URLs are available from some of the most popular URL shortening services. These shortened links work just like regular bitly or goo.gl links, except you get to choose which domain name appears at the end when someone clicks on them. For example, if you create a custom TWEET link with bitly, it will take people directly to whatever page you share rather than their home page . You can set these links up on a per-campaign basis or make them permanent for your business website.

2) Track link performance  and ROI

Since you're in control of the domain name at the end of a shortened URL, you can include campaign tracking parameters that identify which ad, sales channel or PR campaign sent visitors to your site . When someone clicks on a custom bitly link and lands on your site, you'll be able to see what traffic source they came from so you can attribute their visit back to specific marketing efforts. You can also use goo.gl's full URL tracking capabilities to track every time your shortened links are clicked and by whom, giving you more insight into audience engagement with each social media post and update. This can help you optimize future efforts to get the biggest bang for your buck.

3) Create a simple way  for people to share content

With custom URLs, you can give readers an easy-to-remember alias that fits better with their memory than long, complicated link strings do. Just make sure your shortened links are easy to remember and reflect what they lead to so people will be more likely to click on them when sharing your content. You can also use bitly or goo.gl's bookmarklet tools if you prefer to shorten links manually in order to save time when creating multiple promotional posts at once.

4) Quickly track how many times  content has been shared

Custom links let you create an unlimited number of shortened links for your business website. These can be used throughout several different campaigns to track social engagement for each piece of content you share, giving you a better idea about which topics are resonating most with your specific audience. Solely using bitly or goo.gl shortened links to share content can make it difficult to measure the success of your campaigns since all the data is lumped together in one place instead of broken down by URL .

5) Make mobile sharing easier  on Twitter and Facebook

With custom shortened URLs, you'll get analytics that provide insight into click-through rates across devices because everyone who clicks on them will land directly on whatever page they're supposed to go to. This means you won't need separate tracking codes for mobile and desktop devices to see which ones are generating the most traffic. You can also choose to use bitly or goo.gl's tracking tools if you decide only to create shortened links for specific platforms since they offer iOS, Android, Twitter and Facebook options .

6) Increase engagement  on your website

Custom URLs are great for turning one-time visitors into repeat site visitors since each link directs people directly to a specific blog post or sales page that interests them. By giving potential customers what they're looking for when they click on these links, you'll be able to generate more leads with less effort by providing exactly what they want before redirecting them back to their original destination. To receive even better results from shortened URLs, consider getting a custom domain for your links to use with bitly or goo.gl's bookmarklet tools . This will give you a customized web address that can easily be set as a favorite in visitors' browsers so they'll have easy access to whatever you want them to see every time they visit your site .

That's all for today, my friend.  I hope I was able to leave you with something very valuable and worthwhile !!! What do you think ?  Do you have other ideas?  Are there any other ways to use custom shortened URLs to generate more business for your company ?

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