003 Google Form Customize Shorten Form Link

003 Google Form Customize Shorten Form Link


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the next step is to make sure your
project settings are correct the gear is
next to the send button if you click the
gear it opens up the settings if you
were using G suite for education Google
Apps for Education you will have a
require sign-ins button automatically
checked off it restricts people filling
in this form to people who are in your
Google domain so if you are interested
in working outside your school and
you're creating this form you need to 
turn that off collect email addresses
that will only work if it's within your
school and I'm not requiring only one
response per person this is something
you may not want to turn on because it
does it by where a person sitting what
computer they're on next we go to the
presentation tab and in this case it
always shows a link to submit another
response you may want to turn that off
if you only want one response per person
and then the confirmation message it's
automatically going to say your response
has been recorded I would suggest you
personalize that so thank you you will
receive an email with partner contact
information in group name after
Christmas break this is a project I
start up around about November
you could also say and include your
email address so that somebody knows how
to contact you once you save that you
could send out a link to the forum I
like to customize the forum by using the
color palette button right now it's a
purple palette you can choose any color
that you'd like additionally you can
click on the picture button and they
have a series of illustrations that can
be used with the project so I use this
book for my story writing project and
when you select it it just gives a
little different style to your project
I want to create a link to my project so
I'm going to go to preview mode this is
the link to the forum it is really long
and too many characters and numbers to
give to somebody I highlighted the
entire forum and I'm going to edit copy
that now there are a number of ways that
you can choose to shorten this website
address I'm going to add a new tab and
the site that I like using is called
tiny URL
not only does tiny URL allow you to
paste a paste that really long website
address to the forum but it also allows
you to make a shortened name that's
easier for people to see and remember
once I paste that in if I just click
make tiny URL it will give me a much
shorter website address but it's just
random letters and numbers so I've got
in the habit of calling all of my tiny
URLs are CIN for Roman Catholic
Archdiocese of Newark and I'll call this
NCEA sample 2017 and make tiny URL the
reason I started with our CA n is that
the likelihood is nobody's going to have
a tiny URL starting with our CA n so if
I for instance tried to use the word
quiz somebody somewhere along the lines
probably use the word quiz so that
couldn't be a shortened URL if I click
copy to clipboard it does edit copy for
me and then that's the URL that I would
use in my emails I'm going back to the
collaborative projects tab I also am
going to create a new document in here
and I'm going to call this document
remember up in the upper left hand
corner is the name of the file
tiny URLs and again no thanks
and I'll paste that tiny URL at a paste
into this document and I'm going to say
what did it I'm 2017 so what I do is
every time I make a form any time I make
a shortened URL I copy and paste it into
a document called tiny URLs and again
I'm using Google Docs because that's
where I'm comfortable working you could
use a word document you could use a
bookmarking system like Diigo or
something else whatever makes your work



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