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What Does "No Application In The Url" Mean?


I've seen a lot of people asking about this message in the forums. So I thought it would be useful to make an article explaining what the error is, and how to fix it.
What does 'No Application In The Url' mean?
This means your client can't play on our servers because you are missing steam authentication information. This could be caused by any number of things, for example: You are still running v44 or lower You are trying to connect with FastDL enabled but don't have fastdl info in your FPSBanana config file We removed some code related to this for security reasons
How do I fix it?
To fix it follow one of these steps: Install the newest version of Metamod If you are running the newest version of Metamod, update to the latest Metamod-P Make sure you have this line in your cfg/metamod.ini file:
win32 addons/sourcemod/plugins/AdminTools //add this line inside the brackets on metamod restart steam do /login <username> <password> verify that steam authentication is working by doing /status
Metamod should ask you to sign in if it's working properly. If not try one of these links: http://www.steampowered.com/status/ http://steamidfinder.com/ If you still can't get it to work post a thread about it here . All other questions will be ignored!
Thanks to the guys on the forums for helping me with this article!
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  Metamod is an extremely useful plugin that makes administering servers much easier. However, it does have some issues under certain circumstances. This article will attempt to detail how metamod works, and what happens when things go wrong.
For our purposes, "Metamod" refers not only to the actual plugin but also its supporting files (meta list plugin, meta load plugin). I highly recommend you read through all of this before trying anything so you can know exactly what happened. Also make sure you've followed all steps carefully because even one step done incorrectly may be the cause of the problem.
Metamod is a plugin that provides extra functionality to your server. It can allow admins to do things like set custom cvars, send commands on connect with sourcebans, but most importantly it is required for fastdl download. Without metamod many plugins will not work properly including my FPSBanana Plugin! So it is very important. On the client side of things Metamod does nothing except result in an additional line being added to your FPSBanana config file which means you have one less thing to worry about when connecting. For the server administrator however there are several steps you'll need to take before Metamod will work correctly for you, and some general guidelines regarding its use as well as what to do if you've done everything correctly but Metamod still doesn't work.
Client Side Of Things
Installing Metamod will result in a new line being added to your FPSBanana config file, and a plugin list entry being added to the sourcebans manager interface. You can verify this by going into advanced -> plugins and checking that an entry for SourceBans exists with "metamod" next to it. Make sure when installing metamod that you are installing the correct version of it! It's part of the reason why I wrote the FPSBanana Plugin which verifies proper installation. If you're having trouble figuring out what version of metamod you need just download plugin , connect to your server, and if it says "Version Mismatch! Plugin needs to be updated!" you obviously need to download the latest version of metamod.
The very first thing you must do when installing Metamod is use the command sm plugins load plugin . This is how your server tells metamod what files to read, without doing this metamod won't know which plugin configuration file to read (which in turn caused the message about needing update). It is important that everyone who connects runs this command or else they will get an error saying their client config doesn't match with the server's. Once you've done this you need to restart your server for changes to take effect.
Problems With Installing Metamod
If you've done everything correctly and you're still getting that message then there is probably a problem with the plugin file. Firstly, make sure they are in fact .sp plugins. It's always best to just rename them to be safe rather than sorry since all they need to have in common is the extension of .sp. Sourcemod will recognize any plugin which has this in common:
If it doesn't work it may not be a Sourcemod problem and here's why: If the client only uses Metamod for some servers but not others (sidenote: if they use metamod for servers under an alternate steam account I recommend uninstalling it on your main one) then they might connect successfully to some servers without issues but not others. This would result in the "Version Mismatch" error message because metamod doesn't know which files to read. Make sure your Metamod plugin list entry is called "metamod" not something else! If you've done all of these things, verified that it's a .sp file, and are still having trouble getting it to work there are two last possible reasons why:
Sourcemod version mismatch
If you think this might be the problem first check your server console to see if anything stood out as being wrong. I've seen cases where everything was installed correctly but somehow Sourcemod didn't know that so it reported an issue with plugin #0 or some other number. This can happen for several reasons, sometimes people use the Sourcemod Installer which installs Sourcemod to a different path than what was originally used. If you try running sm plugins list it will tell you where Sourcemod expects to find plugin files, if they don't match up then this might be your problem.
Client Side Of Things
If everything is done correctly but their still getting that error message then there are probably other factors involved. You can verify that Metamod is actually loading by checking your server console for an output similar to the following: Your server configuration file specifies 0 sourcebans subdirectory(s). Run 'sm plugins load metamod' command to configure Metamod. After doing this type "sm plugins reload" or restart sourcebans and return to server console.
This is essentially saying that your sourcebans plugin list entry isn't set up properly, if you've verified that it's a .sp file and made sure the name is "metamod" then this probably isn't your issue. If you're having trouble getting everything to work just ask them what version of metamod they have installed (type "meta version" into console) and check out their plugins folder. You can copy files from Metamod 1.7.2-dev+3813 or later into their Metamod directory making sure to change file extensions first so it doesn't overwrite any other working versions of Metamod they might want to keep for different servers or something along those lines.
I hope this hasn't been too confusing, just let me know if you have any questions about anything I've said here or need clarification on something. Best wishes!

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