UIZ: #matchurl.com

UIZ: #matchurl.com


"What is the reason you are here?"

This question was given to me by one of the many scientists who were surrounding me. I didn't know why I was there, nor did I remember how I even got there. All I knew was that this man wanted an answer to his question, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer. The next words that came out of my mouth would change my life forever; or end it for that matter.

"I'm not sure."

The scientist just stared at me with a look that said 'well then you're no use to us now'. He signaled the guards which surrounded the room with him, pointing towards me as they began walking towards me from all sides. In a last ditch effort to avoid whatever the scientist planned on doing, I tried my best to be as cooperative as possible.

"If you'd like I could try and remember?"

The scientist stared for a moment longer before clicking his tongue in disapproval. He slowly shook his head side to side, slowly pacing up and down the other side of the table where I was seated. Suddenly he stopped, looked back at me with that same look, then just shrugged his shoulders.

"It's no use." And then everything went black.

- Excerpt from an interview with Dr. David Berenson


UIZ is expected to be released sometime next year due to unforeseen delays with funding among other things. game aims to combine elements of many different genres into one cohesive whole. UIZ is expected to be released on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. More platforms may be added but these are not confirmed as of now.


UIZ was suppose to come out in 2015, but there were many delays caused mostly by lack of funding among other things. It has since been picked up by AAA game publisher Nexon who will be publishing the game worldwide with Andrew Gaming Incorporated developing the game for them under their Game Studio division. UIZ should see a release soon sometime between September 2017 and May 2018. Release dates are tentative at this point because it all depends on how smooth development goes from here on out, but set backs shouldn't happen again due to the new developer allowing Andrew Gaming Inc to focus on the game and Nexon's marketing team helping with support. UIZ is suppose to be a combination of 3 genres: Survival-Horror, FPS, and RPG.


UIZ was originally going to be massively multiplayer however that idea has been scrapped in favor for a single player campaign with online co-op capabilities due to the ever increasing costs of development for MMOs. The story follows you as you awaken in an unknown facility after being kidnapped by unknown assailants during what seems like your everyday life. Having no memory of how you got there or where there even is, only having the knowledge that someone wants something from you which you are unaware of since they haven't told you yet. You are then tasked with finding out what it is they want from you, why they stole your memories and where you are. All this while being hunted down by the facility's automated defense systems.



- A unique first person mechanic where players can see through walls using either sight or sound with nearby players' help (currently under re-balancing). Certain things like explosives, gun shots, and radiation can effect whether or not nearby players can see through them to allow for advanced strategy in some cases. Most of the game will take place within this new mechanic allowing for some interesting level design that may lead to some very fun gameplay dynamics along with great replayability value. Players will never know what is around the corner because there might always be another player who sees something different than you do.

- The aim of UIZ is to create a horror experience that doesn't involve the usual tropes such as zombies, monsters, and "lights out" challenges ala Outlast and Amnesia: TDD where it's pitch black all the time forcing players to use different mechanics to see which make things either easier or harder. The lighting in the system was created from scratch using a dynamic lighting model that has been designed with performance in mind both dx9 and dx11 supported while still being able to give off an ominous mood at night coupled with other effects like fog and light shafts.


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