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07.Oct.2021 is a free link shortening service that lets you shorten, personalize, and share links while also providing analytics on your links. is easy to use and can be accessed via the web or through's API allowing you to integrate the service into your own application or webpage if desired.

To get started with just sign up for an account . Once signed in click 'Create New Link' under the 'My Links' section on your profile page OR go directly to allows you to create two types of links:

Personalized  - These are similar to TinyURLs where users visit a personalized URL which redirects them to your website.

Short  - These are similar to Bitly, where users visit a short link which redirects them to your Website after entering their email address or clicking on an affiliate link.

Both types of links are fully branded with your logo and colors. You can also import social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yah oo , Myspace, Digg , Friendster . Once imported will automatically pull in profile information when someone clicks on either type of link you create using that service/platform . For example if I share the following personalized link on my twitter account: I'll not only shorten my blog post but it will also pull in my Twitter avatar and show that I'm the owner of the link. If someone clicks on this link it will take them to a webpage where they can also sign up for an account to start creating their own links.

Other features include: Short URL Shortening - Enter a longer URL and shorten it so you can easily share it with others Analytics - You can view reports including number of clicks, conversions (email addresses), referrers, top referrers, country. API - Use your favorite programming language to create custom URLs and programmatic access to other aspects of your short URLs such as analytics .

Overall is a simple but effective tool that lets you create quality branded links quickly and easily. These links can be used either as a marketing tool or to simply share your content with readers. is also great for bloggers, marketers, and ecommerce websites who want to track the effectiveness of their links which include referral information such as source, medium,  and campaign  for added insight.

To try out go to short . io  


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