Link shorteners allow you to track performance # matchurl

Link shorteners allow you to track performance # matchurl


As your digital marketing strategies become more sophisticated, you need better metrics to understand campaign performance. Fortunately, there are many ways to track link clicks for free or cheap that can help you do just that.


One common method is by creating a variety of shortlinks using UTM parameters—a string of characters added onto the end of a URL to let web analytics services know where the traffic came from. Shorteners are great tools for this because they’re easy to generate and work with multiple campaigns at once.


Shortening the links allows you to manage data in one location, which means tracking becomes much easier. And while most every link shortener lets you track site visits through Google Analytics, some have specific integrations with other leading tools like HubSpot and Marketo.


What you want to do: maintain a list of unique shortlinks with UTM parameters for each campaign or link you’re sharing. When appropriate, add additional relevant metrics—like referral traffic, social shares, and email opens—to make your data even richer.



And if you’re working with a web developer, check to see if they’ve built custom link tracking into your site. If not, this may be an opportunity for you to add valuable analytics that can increase ROI and overall marketing effectiveness.


Source: How To Track Performance With Free Or Cheap Link Shorteners | Search Engine Journal

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Link shorteners allow you to track performance via @sejournal #SEJOAU By: Mike Brown Published: April 21, 2018 Most link shortening sites will offer tracking metrics. This is information about who clicked your link, where, and when—information that will help you calculate the campaign’s ROI. To easily track source traffic, create a variety of shortlinks using different UTM parameters . Combine this with other analytics tools

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