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since beginning of the internet people
want to share the link with a friend
or promote but sometimes those url links
pretty long and ugly if you do affiliate
you probably want to hide those id and
now did you know that you can earn money
by shorting the
long url link the best part is you will
need to have any technical skill
in today's video we're going to talk
about highest paying url shortened
to earn money by the end of this video
you will know how is it work
how much they pay you and important of
all this is this really worth your
time or not we're about to find out so
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to the show what is url shorten now url
is a website or software tool that can
shrink and trim
down the long url link it's provide you
tracking and detail of analysts you are
short and act like a middleman
between original weblink and the link
you supposed to share like social media
blog and article let me show you the
now you go into amazon right let's just
use mobile one
perform full synthetic motor oil as an
example here right
so if you want to promote this oil right
all you need to do is press tax now they
already have short link
but if you do the full length you see
it's so ugly and long
that is why you put the shoulder length
so easy to see and it's look nice
then look like this it's so ugly you
know it's long
so shorteningly is always better there
are three types of url shortening the
first one is called shrinking url
when you want to share something on
social media you want to paste that url
to the place
that you want to share however the link
is too long and people are going to
you is that kind of spam going on here
and so you use the url shortening
so your link can be looked neat and
short the second one is called
tracking link in url there are so many
ways to make money online
and affiliate marketing is one of them
but it's hard to keep track
the link that you post on your social
media and your blog post and that one
tracking link is coming in
you can use plugin or software to do it
you can track who clicked your link
where the affiliate sale coming from
and your target audience demographic now
the third one is called heading
url when you click on the sky url
you will never know where you redirect
to how to earn money from url shorn and
making money from your insurance is
simple and require you
just a little bit effort all you need to
do is just
shrink down the url from a long url that
you have
and share it to your audience whenever
your audience click on sean link
he or she will redirect to some website
where he or she can see the
in a few seconds after that skip button
would appear where he or she can click
on it and it's land on the website that
you want your audience to see
for example like youtube video right
here you have to wait five
seconds to skip the app so it is the
same concept i hope you got an idea of
what you are shortening and how it works
here are eight highest paying url
shortened to earn
money online number one link for ties if
you're looking for a simplest way and
easy way to earn
money this website will be the best
choice for you
they offer up to 70 per
1000 view for just showing the link
whatever someone click on the link you
will get paid for it
the cool part about this website is that
they offer 70 dollars
without having annoying pop-up or still
pay a good amount of money
they do have referral program they offer
you five percent commission
in this lifetime lifetime and the
minimum threshold is ten
dollars and they pay you through paypal
check bank transfer and more the second
website is called shrinkme.io
this is a public url shortener they
offer you up to
220 per 10 000 view
which is really really high or 22.00 per
100 view depend on your country you can
check the list right here
but wait there's more you can't even
earn up to
20 of your preferred commission
this website help you analyze your
audience detailed statistic
they provide you live chat support and
even offer their support on skype
and facebook nice you will get
one dollar bonus when you sign up and
the minimum
cash out is five dollars and they pay
you through
paypal scroll and more
number 2.5 don't forget to hit the
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now the third website is called
ashtring.it now azuring is one of the
profitable and wisely used all over the
they have at least 100 000 registered
users they were found in 2016 they
probably want the
most reliable network with a ton of
ashrae offers you up to 7.50
for every 1 000 impression
every country is different race so you
want to check yourself
here they also provide you detailed
and data tracking for your audience they
do have preferred programs for
each person you prefer they will pay you
20 of their income and your preferred
will keep
a hundred percent income and when you
prefer subscribe to your link
they will receive a merely five dollar
once you reach 10 you can cash out they
will pay you through paypal
and bitcoin website number four affly
this one is the oldest and trust url
which have been run for many many years
they offer you
up to seven dollars for one thousand
which is quite a great deal adfly ensure
that you have a safe advertising with an
anti-virus and malware server run 24
7 check the virus they do have preferral
program as well
you earn 20 commission when you prefer
when you earn up to five dollar you can
cash out your money
the payment is paid through paypal and
now the fifth website is called shrink
earn they
probably the highest paid url shortened
it had the highest cpm now cpm stand for
cost per impression range of 20
per 1000 impression they pay you on time
is the most
trustworthy network they have the best
support team as well to help you
solve your issue if you prefer someone
to join this platform they will pay you
handsome twenty percent commission the
minimum payout is five dollar and they
pay you through
paypal scroll and more the company
number six
is safely you they promise to deliver
the highest cpm rate
the company has been around 2016 and
massive audit around 300 000
users they offer you up to 10 dollar per
1000 view
they do have preferred program and you
can earn 10
commission if you prefer someone to join
this platform
now the cool part is lifetime
okay for your preferral revenue
this is a great way to earn passive
income for you
they have 24 7 support team whatever you
the minimum payout is five dollars and
they pay you through
paypal number seven smoother if you're
serious about making money online
then smooner will be a great choice for
you they offer you
up to five dollars per 1000 view you can
earn even more with this website
if you are preferred someone to join
this platform you can earn 10
commission for the lifetime they
dedicate a support team for you
24 7 whatever problem that you have
the minimum payout is three dollars and
they pay you through paypal
and bitcoin the last company is called
clk dot
sh this website is the fastest
growing url shortener it's grow rapidly
because it's have amazing service
which offer free tool to create
advertising campaign
they offer you up to 20 dollar per 1 000
view which is decent
they help you to earn even more if you
prefer someone to join their platform
they will pay you 20 commission clk
also provide customer service that
always ready to support you
at any time the minimum payout is 5
and they pay you through paypal scroll
and more how
does url shorten make money
first they make money by collecting
analyzing gathering data
and sell those data to other companies
second ul shortening company get
overview about demographic
of the audience like who clicked the
link and save the cookie tag
for the future advertisement third many
advertising company
who plays an ad on ul shortening because
they want
to increase their website traffic
on the landing page in return the url
insurance company will pay
you for the work now you know exactly
how to earn money with url shortening
but it's up to you to decide
are you gonna give those website a shot
or not
however you still trading time for money
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