. Clickmeter # matchurl

. Clickmeter # matchurl


Clickmeter helps businesses optimize clickthrough and conversion rates through the management, racking, and monitoring of shortened URLs. Users have access to tools like click and conversion tracking, URL shortening, branded domains, A/B testing, and dynamic traffic redirects. Plans range from $29 per month to $349 per month. 

At CTA US , we work with a lot of online marketing companies that rely on shortened links in order track traffic coming from sources like social networks or email campaigns. Sometimes these links are very long (eg: http://examplecompany.com?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=conference-links&utm_content=logo) so they need to be shortened for them to be usable. Because of that, we want to share with our readers a service called Clickmeter

Clickmeter is a simple tool for businesses and marketers who have shortened URLs they need to monitor, optimize, and/or shorten. The service does not allow users to create their own URLs so it's only designed for people who already have a link they need to use. If your company uses short links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google+ Pages (Google+, right?), you might want to check out this solution. Basically, the service will let you do 3 things:

- Track

The first thing is tracking these pretty long shortened URLs so you can see how people got there in the first place (and where they're coming from). The service will show you time of day, location of viewers, search engine keywords that led people to your link and what kind of device they are using. It's a great way to track where your traffic is coming from so you can adjust accordingly.

- Shorten

You can also use Clickmeter to shorten any long link on the fly. All you have to do is paste the URL in the editor on the page and it will automatically shorten it for you, just like bit.ly or tinyurl. You can then access all stats about the short link right on Clickmeter's site including how many clicks it had, average time spent there and geo location of visitors. Simple as that!

- Optimize

Now that you know where your traffic comes from and how they use the URLs you sent them, Clickmeter will also let you use A/B testing to optimize individual links for better conversion rates. How does it work? Well, you create multiple versions of a landing page (with different headlines, images or whatever else) and then send half of your visitors one version and the other half another one. Clickmeter will show which performs better so you can choose the best version and split test again.

I hope this article helps someone who might be looking for a solution to track what happens with their shortened links! If that's the case, Clickmeter is an affordable option worth considering since it's free try and plans start at $29 per month.

About the author: Tatiana is part of the marketing team at CTA US . She enjoys reading and writing about technology, small business, startups and social media among other things. You can find her on Twitter here . Image credit: clickmeter.com

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