Bitly # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Bitly # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener




A Bitly is a way to shorten links at, which allows you to track analytics, such as referral traffic and number of clicks. When you use Bitly by Zapier, you’ll get the same benefits from using it on its own site, but through a third-party service that works with more tools than just your Bitly account alone.


For example, you can create a shared link for all new blog posts on your WordPress website automatically so everyone in your company will know when new content is published—and they’ll be able to see how many people clicked on the link! And since Bitly lets you add a custom short URL, you can use a Bitly shared link to track the success of your social media posts too!

Other similar integrations include Trello, HubSpot , Buffer , Asana , Salesforce , Zoho CRM and more.

With this integration, most people use it for marketing purposes. Some examples are: Sharing shareable content on Twitter or Facebook with Bitly tracking .

Adding customized links into automated email sequences for added conversions .

Integrating hash-tagged short links into blog posts which are then shared on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ with analytics added by either platforms or using tracking services like Hootsuite

Retargeting potential customers back to your website after they have visited so they can convert .

Using Bitly to track referral traffic and/or clicks on and off your site and the source.

Creating a personalized registration link that can be used across any number of sites or shared for one-time use . Once you get the hang of it, there’s really no limit to what you can do! And having the right set up will make Bitly easier to use for yourself—and others in your company who might want to monitor analytics from time to time.

How Bitly by Zapier Works Bitly by Zapier works like this: You create a new short URL using Bitly (or use an existing link), which gives you a unique string of characters and numbers other descriptive information about how to find it. When you create a new short URL on Bitly, the site will automatically give it an alias that can be used to track analytics for that specific link or project.

When you set up the Zap with Zapier, you’ll tell it to monitor certain events on one service—like when someone likes an Instagram photo, follows you on Twitter , subscribes to your newsletter , downloads a file from Dropbox , etc. Then, choose if you want to have another action happen with another tool or related activity on your website or social media profiles . For example, you could have each new Facebook subscriber’s email address sent over to Bitly so all relevant links are shortened with their own custom link.

How To Get Started with Bitly by Zapier If you’re new to Zapier, it’s free to get started. And if you sign up through our special link, you’ll get a $20 credit for using their service—which can be used to shorten 2000 URLs! To set up your own customized tracking system for marketing purposes , follow these steps:

1. Sign up for Bitly (you can use one that suits your needs or open an account at 2. Set up your automation on Zapier 3. Connect your profiles and choose your zaps 4. Customize the email settings 5. Add in notifications 6. Name and share the short URL so others in your company can access it

Step 1: Sign Up for Bitly First, go to and choose a login or sign up with your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, you can create as many new short links as you need. And each new link will be automatically given an alias that can be used for tracking purposes .

In the dropdown menu under the Shared Links header, click on Add new shared link . This is where you can give your short URL a name and customize it however necessary—like choosing a custom username for social media accounts if you want to track specific campaigns or events more closely or naming projects related to certain campaigns. You can even make this link available to anyone on your team if they have the link to access the shortened URL.

Step 2: Set up your automation on Zapier If you’re not familiar with Zapier yet, it’s free to get started and has hundreds of apps in its library available for all kinds of tasks. To build your own Bitly by Zapier integration, click on Make a Zap! when you first log in or go directly here . You’ll be asked what trigger will cause the zap to start (on what service) and then choose an action (Bitly is one of many services that can be integrated with Zapier) . Then, tell the system which shared link you want to use—and give it a name if desired. Click Continue .

** Step 3: Connect profiles and choose your zaps ** Below you’ll see a list of profiles and services that can be integrated with Zapier. To avoid duplicating work, we recommend connecting accounts for each platform you want to use so all activity on those platforms will be added as an event to the same short URL. For example, if you’re setting up a Google Analytics integration as well as a Bitly by Zapier integration , connect those two accounts to the same shared link—so your links share data saved through both sources.

Once all your events are connected, choose how they should appear in the dashboard . Then click Continue .

**Step 4: Customize email settings ** After you save this automation

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