Best Link Management Platform # matchurl

Best Link Management Platform # matchurl


Url shorteners are very helpful when sharing links. They create a shorter version of the original link using their own domain to avoid any typing errors and so that the person you send the shortened URL to can easily copy it without worrying about spelling or grammar mistakes. 


URL shortening is becoming more popular than ever, but not all services are created equal. Some offer advanced tracking features, analytics, location awareness tools and multiple URLs per account, which makes them very useful for marketers & advertisers along with bloggers & journalists. We searched far and wide to find useful services that provide all these features in one package, at an affordable price (or even free).

The following list contains 5 of our favorite link management platforms compared by prices, free plans included:

All of these services work similarly and offer the same features, I recommend trying them all to see which one offers the best user experience for you and your readers or audience! Happy shortening! -Lita Jordan, writer for & Digital Marketing Specialist at Google+ Local & MapMaker

This was a press release example about Link shortening services. They can also be used to summarize information, for instance: "In the article “Best link management platform”, Lita Jordan provides a list of 5 link shortening services that have all the features you need from a URL shortener, along with screenshots and explanations that describe how they work. If you are interested in marketing or advertising & require advanced tracking features and multiple URLs per account, this is an article you should read!" The original article has been edited for better flow and word choice. You can download it here. This one took me less than 3 minutes to write.

You don't have to limit yourself to press release writing though! You can use this format for any other article types, like listicles, for example: "13 Must-Read SEO Tips!" 1. Use keywords in your URL 2. Include a keyword in the title 3. Write about what people want 4. Use the word "you" 5..." This one took me less than 20 minutes to write. I also wrote it while waiting at an appointment so yay multitasking! :)

If you'd rather read long articles instead of editing them, check out my review on Paraphrasing Tool or my list of tools that will save your time when blogging here . These were just examples done in literally under 1 minute, let me know if you found them helpful. I'm happy to provide you with more press release examples in the future, assuming my schedule allows it.

Do you have anything else in mind? Any other type of content or subject that interests you? Let me know and I'll try to write an example for it!

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